A Complete Guide to Choose Boxing Hand Wraps

It is essential to use Boxing hand wraps, as they play a crucial role in protecting your hands while punching or training. Boxing and MMA both are unique, striking art that comes with a unique method for wrapping hands. Any boxer, you need to cover your hands, and these wraps should be comfortable and durable enough to protect your hands and wrist. There are various techniques and ways to start your boxing journey on Boxing hand wraps. 

 Are Boxing Hand Wraps necessary for Boxing?

Hand wraps and boxing gloves are most recommended during bag training and sparring for the boxers who are new in-game or training for fun and want to learn a new skill. For beginners, hand wraps will act as a shock absorbed and keep your hands safe from bruises. At the same time, professional boxers use training drills to toughen up their hands.

 Why do Boxers need Hand Wraps?

Hand Wraps protect small bones and ligaments of hands while making fists during punching. We must suggest you wrap your hands correctly; keeping them straight will protect your hands. Hand wraps will reduce the risk of injury as well while striking. 

 Benefits of wearing Hand Wraps while Boxing

We feel like using hand wraps with your boxing gloves is like using socks for your shoes, as they act as a barrier between your hands and gloves. 

  • They protect your knuckles, secure wrists, and minimize the intensity of the damage.
  • Protect knuckles from friction burn.
  • Stabilize wrists.
  • Protect fragile bones and ligaments in your hands.
  • Give back to boxing gloves for solid punches.

 How to Choose Hand Wraps?

While Boxing, Hand wrap is an essential part of Boxing equipment along with the pair of your boxing gloves. It aims to protect your knuckles, thumbs, stabilize your wrist, and soak up sweat while filling out a glove. Moreover, it helps keep the wrist in the correct position while punching and helps to sustain any wrist injury while boxing. 

Hand wraps provide sweat protection as sweat can ruin the life of your boxing gloves. 

 During Boxing, what do Boxers use to wrap their hands?

Hand wraps made of cloth are used for Boxing in the gym every day as they are cheap and easy to put on, easy to clean and reusable. For competitions and sparring, boxers use wraps made of gauze and tape; they offer more protection but take far longer to put on and cannot reuse them. While sparring or any competition, click here to reduce the risk of hurting your hands. 

Can you wear Boxing Gloves without Hand Wraps? 

We will not recommend you to wear Boxing gloves without hand wraps as they protect your hands while punching with full force. Hand wraps wick away Bacteria-carrying sweat those damages your gloves. Protection of your hands should be your top priority, and hand wraps are a vital part of any Boxer’s toolkit. Make sure to wrap your hands before punching bag training, Sparring and during competition.

 How to Put Hand Wraps on?

Martial Arts come with numerous unique methods of wrapping your hands, and we notice almost a new way every time. Putting on your hand wraps will depend on what your coach teaches you or what works best on your hands. In addition, which martial art you are training for and how much time you have before the training session. Do not go for wraps that take much time to wrap around your hands, and everybody wants to box asap. 

 Essential factors while choosing Hand Wraps

Easy to Use: 

Your hand wraps should be comfortable enough, easy to put on, reusable and easy to clean as well. Quick wraps tend to be the easiest to use as they slip on in a few seconds for both beginners and advanced boxers. 


Quality hand wraps are last for a few years, even with frequent use. Use your wraps inside boxing gloves; otherwise, they will tear down quicker. 


Starpro Combat gear comes with the value of price, and the quality of Boxing hand wraps matches the price tag. Make sure to check the material, price, reviews about durability and choose them. 

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