Clash of Boxers: What are the odds on Jarvis vs Paro?

There’s been a lot of fighting talent coming out of Australia; young boxers and MMA fighters here are promising and great to watch. One such matchup was Jarvis vs. Paro, which was slated to be an exciting match between two Aussie locals. However, it ended up being much shorter than anticipated. Brock Jarvis was easily defeated by Liam Paro in the initial round of Matchroom Boxing‘s first big event in Brisbane, Australia, at the South Bank Piazza. Jarvis seemed uncomfortable and stressed despite having a perfect record, whereas Paro appeared pleasant and at ease right away.

It seemed bleak for Jarvis from the start as he fought in a strained and stiff fashion. This allowed Paro to keep throwing back-to-back 1-2s until he got the right one in. The right one turned out to be a left-handed punch that came in the way of Jarvis’ own attempt to hit Paro. Jarvis couldn’t regain his footing and that was the end of the fight, a shocking one round in.

Paro, a Queensland-based Southpaw, comes in 2nd in the World Boxing Organisation’s list of contenders weighing in at 140 lbs, and it’s because of moments like this: he seems to have a knack for seeing a good break in his opponent’s concentration, and using it to get his own punches in.

For Jarvis, this appears to be an example of going too far while ill-equipped and unprepared for the consequences. Young fighters recover from it, though, and it may provide them a much-needed wake-up call about where they stand in their growth. Paro had the advantage of speed, an area where Jarvis lacks and can gain from developing further.

Who is Liam Paro?

 Liam Robert Paro is a 26-year-old Australian professional boxer.  Paro has an Italian background, and was born and raised in Mackay, Queensland. His initial love of sports was built up by playing junior league rugby. Paro played with a team called the North Mackay Magpies, which comes in the regional junior league.  He was exposed to boxing when he was about 13 years old. He later made boxing his priority and left his rugby team in order to concentrate completely on establishing a pro boxing career. Paro relocated to Townsville at the tender age of 17, then settled in Brisbane when he was 20, in order to find the kind of high-level boxing gyms his hometown didn’t have.

It was in Brisbane that he found the type of environment he wanted, where he routinely trained with big boxing names. One of these was the future world champion, Jeff Horn. Horn made Paro his training partner in the run-up to his historic win over illustrious Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao.

Liam Paro Stats & Info
Division Super Lightweight
Wins 23
Wins by Knockout 14
Losses 0
KO Rate 60.87%
Career Debut 2016
Height  174 cm or 5 ft 8.5 inches
Reach 180 cm or 71 inches
Boxing Stance Southpaw

Who is Brock Jarvis?

 The 23-year-old Australian breakout player had crushed each adversary he faced since his professional boxing debut at the end of 2015. Knockouts account for most of those victories, speaking to the power and potential he has. Jarvis has shown his boxing chops in each of his matches, winning titles such as IBF Pan Pacific in the 130-pound division. He has also won titles at various weight ranges, including Bantamweight, Super-Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Super-Featherweight.

This has led to the young boxer being called a knockout artist.  Jarvis’ manager and coach are Jeff Fenech, who works out of Marrickville, Australia.  He is now ranked number Ten in the world by the World Boxing Association in the 126-pound range, as well as number ten by the International Boxing Federation in the 130-pound division. Jarvis has had a strange career trajectory. He entered the pro ranks as a junior bantamweight and then moved up a few divisions. In his previous four fights, he weighed between 122 and 135 pounds, which is quite a range of weights in boxing. This match against Paro saw him weighing in at 140.

Brock Jarvis Stats & Info
Division Super Lightweight
Wins 21
Wins by Knockout 18
Losses 1
KO Rate 85.7%
Career Debut 2015
Height  175 cm or 5 ft 9 inches
Reach 174 cm or 68.5 inches
Boxing Stance Orthodox

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