Choose the boxing style to match your body type

Styles, tactics, and techniques have evolved to various degrees from the inception of gloved boxing. There are four primary boxing styles that are often employed to classify fighters. The swarmer, out-boxer, slugger, and boxer-puncher, with three sub-styles: counter-puncher, southpaw, and switch-hitter. Tall and athletic boxers who are taller than their opponents and have athletic builds have an excellent chance to succeed in the ring.


The swarmer is a fighter who uses continual pressure to try to overwhelm the opponent. In order to get inside, they have a lot of good head movement, are powerful, strongly chinned, and possess tremendous punching output (which requires great stamina and conditioning). This technique emphasizes closing in on an opponent and overwhelming them with force and a barrage of hooks and uppercuts. They are quick on their feet, making them tough to dodge for a slower fighter; or they are excellent at cutting off the ring with precision footwork. They also have a solid “chin” since this approach requires them to get stuck with a lot of jabs before they can move inside and be more effective. Many swarmers, especially in the heavier classes, are shorter fighters or fighters with shorter ranges who must get in close to be effective.

Body style swarmer


The out-boxer is the swarmer’s polar opposite. The out-boxer tries to keep a distance between themselves and their opponent while fighting with quicker, longer-range blows. Out-boxers are noted for their lightning speed, which frequently compensates for a lack of power. Out-boxers prefer to win by points decisions rather than knockouts since they rely on weaker jabs and straights as opposed to hooks and uppercuts. However, some out-boxers may be aggressive and powerful punchers.

Out boxer


Let’s say an out-boxer epitomizes everything that is graceful about boxing, the slugger then embodies all that is ruthless about it. In the ring, many sluggers lack technique but make up for it with raw power, often knocking out nearly any opponent with a single punch.
Punches from sluggers are often slower, but they have a greater body and follow through. This is useful for striking past an opponent’s guard and allowing one to follow up with more punches.


Most sluggers lack ring mobility and may struggle to close down quick-footed opponents, but this isn’t always the case. Sluggers throw fewer but tougher shots and rely less on combinations than swarmers and out-boxers. Sluggers’ striking patterns are frequently predictable, leaving them vulnerable to counterpunching.


Many of the characteristics of an out-boxer are evident in the boxer-puncher: hand speed, typically an exceptional jab combination and/or counter-punching abilities, greater defence and accuracy than a slugger, and slugger-type power. In addition, a boxer-puncher may be more likely to fight in a swarming manner than an out-boxer. The boxer-puncher, in general, lacks the agility and defensive ability of a pure boxer. Out-boxers are generally defeated by boxer-punchers, especially if they can match their speed and mobility. They also work effectively against swarmers, as the additional power deters swarmer aggressiveness. Boxer-punchers are difficult to classify since their style is similar to that of a slugger, swarmer, or out-boxer.
Boxer Puncher

We’ve seen the primary styles in boxing but which style suits your body type?

There are 3 types of human bodies. The Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.


Ectomorphs have a long and lean body type. This body type may struggle to gain muscular mass, but they do have one key advantage in boxing: reach. The out-boxer is the most ectomorph-friendly style. Think Muhammad Ali. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


In comparison to ectomorph and mesomorph body types, endomorphs have the slowest metabolism. The body is round, curved, and has a soft, shapely appearance. Endomorphs can use a boxing technique based on weathering strikes, pushing an opponent about, and dominating with bulk and raw strength on their side. The slugger is the most suitable style for an endomorph.


The Mesomorph body type is the most athletic of the three. A quick metabolism and the capacity to develop muscle and shed weight quickly are excellent qualities. The swarmer boxing technique includes the persistent use of combinations against opponents, and this body type is perfect for it. The optimum muscle mass provides the strength required for knockout victories sought out by a swarmer.

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