Can You Learn Karate at Home? Things You Need to Know

It is very trendy to learn new things at home nowadays, so why not Karate, as people are eager to learn Martial Arts. So, one can learn this incredible and fascinating art all online or help of video tutorials. But many people are so much concerned about online Karate training, whether they are worth it or not. The people who do not have access to optimal formal training way can learn Karate at home moderately. We will guide you to do things regarding Karate Training or getting involved in Karate World. 

People usually dream about learning Martial Arts and have quite an interest in Karate equipment. We will guide our passionate followers that how to start Martial Arts at home; keep on reading.

Is Karate Training at Home being effective?

First of all, we must tell you that you can start Martial Arts Training at home, but it could not be that effective to become an elite MMA fighter. To Progress faster in this field, exceptional training classes, and reach full potential as a fighter. But primarily, training at home will help you to enhance your martial arts skills. 

Karate Training at Home

How to start Martial Arts Training at Home?

First of all, keep in mind that you cannot learn numerous skills at home properly. Any available online stuff regarding karate techniques, strikes, or punches comes with profound information, but one cannot understand everything. Therefore, you must need an instructor to judge you or guide you accordingly to learn the art. If you want to start Karate Training at home, we will provide you step to step guide on how to start.

Find a Space 

To learn Karate at home, first of all, find a place for practice that should be spacious enough. There must be enough room to train yourself along with kicks and many more actions. In fact, after some time, one needs to perform splits, and high kicks, so try to find the space where you can have free movements. 

Research Work

Do your research work to find the foundation of your learning to know more about your art. First, it will decide a specific direction for you by looking into the origin and history of Karate. Next, try to get into the philosophy, function, and utility of the style you want to learn. 

Getting in the Zone

  • Meditate:

Meditation will take 5minutes, in which you have to clear your mind from all the thoughts, concentrate on steady deep breaths. Then, visualize that every problem is evaporating before your eyes, as it will help enhance your fighting skills. 

  • Warm-Up

It lasts for 10 minutes, starting by running; it also includes push-ups, sit-ups, crunches and push-ups. Warming up will help to start your training, stretching and striking. 

  • Stretch

Stretching comes after warming up and lasts for almost 15 minutes, as heated up muscles will stretch most effectively. Stretching of muscles is essential; in Karate, stretching of legs is the most needed thing. 

  • Understanding of Philosophy

Karate is all about mental peace rather than a display of violence, as it is portrayed. It comes with natural confidence as it involves the mind as much as the body. The mind must know how to deal with humility, as every devotion has a reward. 

Mastering the Stances, Balance, and Power

 Basic Stances Down

One must work to be a great Karate Practitioner; your kicks, blocks, and strikes will be effective only by right stance. It depends on which stance you are practicing, as there are three stances in Karate. 

The first one is the Natural, or Walking stance, in which the front foot is pointing forward, and feet are apart at a natural walking width. 

Then its Front Stance is almost the same as the Natural stance, but the feet are more apart, and the weight is on the front foot. 

The last one is Cat Stance, also known as back stance, in which the foot positions like a walking stance but weight is on the back leg. 

  • Starting Stance

All of the basic stances are fighting stance, but you need to start with a Ready Stance to begin any spar. So, adjust yourself accordingly to start with a Ready Stance. 

  • Balance Awareness

Karate takes an immense ability to balance; that’s why stances are so important. Be aware of your balance to center your body even that strength does not disappear if you start kicking. To keep your strength, think about center gravity, always try to find a comfortable medium for your body. Moreover, while defending yourself, you must have the ability to shift your balance quickly, as a transition between stances is very important. 

  • Focus on your Power and Speed

Karate is not about being muscular; it is all about power and speed. Use your entire body to develop more speed and thus power with detailed precision. 

Mastering Your Moves

  • Punching and Blocking

One must work on their punches to attack effectively, including straight punch, uppercut, knife hand, spear hand, elbow strike, and back fist. Practice them for at least 15 minutes. Along with it, practice blocking with combination and counter-attacks and learn to defend. 

  • Practice of Kicks

Focus the kicking with maximum power, practice the flow of motion at least for 15 minutes. Then, we will guide you about five basic Karate kicks. 

The Front Snap Kicks

The Side Snap Kicks

The side Trust Kick

The Back Trust Kick

The Round Kick

  • Start Sparring with techniques

Use all of the learned blocking and attacking techniques with any sparring partner, at least for 15 – 30 minutes. The practice will help increase your stamina for combinations and defend against multiple attacks. 

  • Practice over and over

Choose your practice form and then apply it again and again in particular for the chosen session. Start from a lower to a higher level to refine and improve after mastering more to adopt difficult combinations for progression. 

Final Word: 

One has to start doing it, the way you will learn certain things by yourself, most importantly stances, punches, and kicks. Learn combinations and execute them properly, as one can learn Karate basics at home. To give precision to your practice, build a good routine and involve Karate equipment and find a sparring partner as well. 

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