Can You Do a Spinning Backfists in Boxing/MMA?

Spinning backfists is often done after a fighter missed a standard kick or punch; it starts with a regular fighting stance. Backfist distracts your opponent and leads you to see how they will react. To ensure safety, one must practice all spinning moves with proper practice with the right MMA equipment, including MMA grappling gloves, Boxing wrap gloves, punching bags, and MMA groin guards. Backfist is the most advanced version of the traditional strike. It is a deceptive technique as one can catch an opponent off guard. It is a powerful tool against your opponent as it guarantees a lot of torque. Although it can be tricky, it can be mastered by almost every fighter. We call it a spinning back fist because the fighter makes the punch with the back of their fist, elbow, or forearm and uses the spin to generate power and speed.    

Is Spinning backfist illegal in Boxing?    

Spinning back fists is not legal in Boxing because fighters are not allowed to strike their opponent with the back of their hand. Secondly, intentionally turning back to your opponent is not appreciated. So, both of these actions are prohibited, so back fist is an illegal move. A spinning back fist is a martial art move that fighter executes at a 360-degree turn to hit their opponent with the back of their hand. A set-up behind a jab is quite effective as there is an extra beat between the thrust and the back fist. And spinning moves blows result in cuts or bleeding, so they are banned to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.    


For any technique to be effective, it should be able to land. It leads to an aesthetically pleasing approach that usually lacks the power to finish your opponent. Still, multiple ways to throw the same spinning technique can lead to confusion. Try to throw spinning techniques effectively without leaving them open in return.    

How to use a backfist effectively?    

The spinning back fist matches its mechanics with a spinning elbow but with an extended arm. However, it depends on the ruleset of the sport, but you can make contact with the back of your glove or with the ridge of your hand; it will act like a hammer fist. One can choose to throw this back fist technique with a half or whole spin. If you lose sight of your opponent even for a half-second while performing the spinning procedure, they can shift the position, and you can receive the end of the forearm or elbow. While serving, give yourself some time to experiment and incorporate these techniques that need practice with proper MMA equipment. But remember, you can no longer strike your opponent with your backhand fists but only with the knuckles of closed fists.     

Why is spinning backfists illegal in Boxing?    

Fighters cannot willingly turn their back to their opponents for safety concerns. Striking the neck or back of an opponent’s head is illegal as it could be devastating. Hitting the back of the head can cause brain trauma, loss of consciousness, brain hemorrhage, and skull fracture, along with various long-term effects. Turning your back to your opponent means you no longer wish to fight, and the referee may also disqualify you for this act.    

Consequences of throwing spinning backfists in Boxing   

Performing a spinning back fist is a total violation of rules that leads to a warning or straight disqualification. In Boxing, any fighter can turn their back in self-preservation. Still, the referee will issue a warning even on this, and the repeated offense will lead to disqualification. On the other hand, spinning back a fist is not evasive or defensive; it is simply an illegal move so that they can treat it harshly. The referee can detect a point or disqualify a boxer who performs it; hence, spinning back fist in Boxing is a bad idea.   

Spinning backfists in Mixed Martial Arts   

Although Spinning back fists are illegal in Boxing, we can see them in other combat sports as backlists are allowed in Mixed Martial Arts, Karate, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai, except for WAKO kickboxing. If we look at the move from a broader perspective, we notice that the concept behind spinning back fists can be valuable to the boxing game. Spinning back fists have a quality that one can use in the sport of Boxing through deception as it will work because the opponent is not expecting it, and one can employ it unpredictably. Sticking to one rhythm throughout the fight will make your opponent win easily; they will be comfortable enough to deal with repetitive combinations. The easy way of fighting will make your opponent pick up the tendencies and prepare a perfect counter, so break the monotony of the pattern and make your opponent keep guessing.    

   What will happen if you miss an elbow or forearm hit?    

The power comes not just from the fist, elbow, or arm; it is the torso. The rotation of your body gives strength, and an enormous torso will generate more torque. The fighters use their body rotation like a spring, the way they store valuable kinetic energy and release it in the form of a hit. The force you can apply with the crash increases with mass; that’s why an enormous torso is associated with more impact. Eventually, if you miss and hit the elbow or forearm, it will inflict significant damage.    

  Can you combine the spinning backfists with other strikes?    

If you start with a jab to the abdomen and the other fighter parries it. They could be distracted enough to go for a spinning back fist. Any fighter can also use a reverse spin to get a similar effect. Begin using the back leg to deliver a hit to the chest or abdomen. One must use the forward momentum to step off and release a back fist at your opponent. One can land a blow with your elbow or forearm and combine the spinning back fist with other strikes.    

   What combination could be highly effective for spinning backfists?    

Any fighter must practice well with proper MMA equipment, MMA grappling gloves, and Boxing wrap gloves. The spinning back fist is a powerful technique combined with your defense routine. It can be highly effective, and one must be skilled enough to perform it consistently. One must successfully mix this move with other moves as well. This combination is an excellent move for bigger guys emphasizing speed, and this is all about power. Hence, the spinning back fist is a powerful technique that can be highly effective combined with your defense routine.    

  A Concluded Note:    

Spinning back fists is illegal in Boxing as you cannot hit your opponent with the back of your hand, forearm, or elbow according to the boxing rules. You cannot intentionally turn back to your opponent as it is forbidden. Somehow, spinning back fists are allowed in Mixed Martial Arts. One must focus on the basic rules of the guide about every move that can still lead to improvement in the boxing ring. They learn to focus on their balance while throwing punches with better technique and power. Practice makes you perfect, keeping you in good offensive and defensive positions. Safety always comes first, so one must practice well with the right MMA equipment, including an MMA groin guard, Punching bags, MMA grappling gloves, and Boxing wrap gloves. 

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