Best Boxing Gloves for Kids Training

Best Boxing Gloves

Boxing and MMA should not be restricted to only age and gender, it should be taught to everyone. For young children, it can be their introduction to self-defence and protection. Not to mention, it is an excellent exercise routine to get kids off their phones and focused on their mental and physical strength. Starpro Combat … Read more

5 Best Boxing Training Equipment For Home

Best Boxing Training Equipment For Home

With all the uncertainties surrounding us during the pandemic, the curfews and lock downs along with the closure of gyms (nightmarish for anyone trying to get into shape) and all the mental strains and anxieties that come with these uncertain times, what better way to utilise the time we have indoors than to introduce some … Read more

5 Best Stretches for Boxing: Strengthen Your Core

Stretches for Boxing

Training when it comes to boxing is often incorrectly viewed as solely practicing strikes, stances, and other techniques. In truth, proper boxing training is about much more, including the preparation and recovery from a session. Learning effective stretching techniques is a must for every boxer, and the incorporation of yoga poses specifically can help accomplish … Read more

5 Ways to Improve Flexibility and Mobility for a Boxing Fight

Improve Flexibility and Mobility for a Boxing Fight

Flexibility determines the range of your movements and the ease with which you can bend and exercise. Training to increase flexibility is important for any athlete, but is a component of boxing training that is sometimes ignored in favor of more aggressive approaches like sparring. Exercises which are slower and rely largely on stretching and form, … Read more