Boxing Shoes make a difference: They are Worth Buying.

As you start Boxing, you will get to know several pieces of Boxing equipment by the time. Nowadays, people start boxing for fitness and buying new equipment can cost a lot so always buy the stuff when you need it. As a beginner, wearing boxing shoes is not essential as you are training for fitness and conditioning during training. At the very start buying these shoes is an unwanted expense, but if you take your boxing practice to the next level, you need it. 

By improving boxing practice in footwork, partner work, and sparring, boxing shoes are an essential part of boxing equipment and gloves. These shoes will help improve your boxing footwork skills and make your move more quickly, safely and smoothly. We can say boxing boots are most neglected but an obligatory piece of boxing gear. 

Are Boxing Shoes Worth Buying?

There is a wide variety of Boxing boots with plenty of pairs by several brands, so we suggest you research the best one and try to find the best. Better footwork allows you to improve your boxing skills faster by enhancing game and train ability. A must-have piece of equipment if you are planning a boxing competition. We will guide you about the several benefits and advantages of wearing these shoes, as they are specifically designs for better ankle support. Boxing boots are lightweight and provide excellent movement and protected grip, saving the ankle from potential injuries. 

Benefits of Boxing Shoes

While practising Boxing, you need other protective equipment and Boxing Gloves, but you do not need your shoes right away. However, as the training intensifies, you need to buy a pair of shoes with several advantages. 

Starpro Boxing Shoes

  • Better Traction

A good grip while practising Boxing is just as you need great footwork in the arena. While various movements might slow you down or you slip up, such a situation will give an advantage to your opponents. The right pair of shoes will provide the right amount of traction to move your feet and not lose speed successfully. 

  • Superior Ankle Support

Boxing movements can easily strain the ankles, even can cause severe injuries. The ankle can easily roll during footwork in Boxing, so you need a good pair of shoes specifically designed to protect ankles and support them all the time. Moreover, we will suggest your high-top shoes with superior ankle support to reduce the risk of injury. 

  • Lightweight for better movement

Boxing shoes are usually light in weight compared to other sports footwear to avoid pressure on the feet. In Boxing, quick movement is required, while heavy and bulky shoes can hold back quick steps and eventually lose the fight. To make sure that you are short on your feet with improved agility and not fatigued, find a lightweight pair of shoes. 

  • Sturdiness

Typically, these shoes are sturdy compared to other shoes as their primary function is quality and duration. To achieve sturdiness, they are uniquely designs with suede or leather construction. 

  • Reliable and Comfortable

These shoes are designed to be more comfortable, manufactured with a regulating mesh to add more comfort. However, these shoes are reliable enough but keep in mind that they probably have a break-in period. 

  • Sample Sweat Protection

Certainly, sweat protection is not the most important thing to focus on, but wet shoes and socks are always annoying. Make sure to find the right pair that provides ample sweat protection as sweat evaporates swiftly without any trouble. 


Suppose you are planning for any severe boxing. In that case, it is pretty practical that boxing shoes have a lot of additional features. Although a pair of boxing shoes is not necessary as a beginner. You need a couple of suitable boxing gloves as you start. But after significant improvement in training and Boxing, you need to add lightweight, comfortable, and durable shoes to your Boxing equipment. Star Combat comes with premium quality boxing gear covering all your boxing needs. Click here to get the perfect balance of agility and traction in Boxing shoes. 

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