7 Boxing heavy bag combos for beginners 

Heavy bag combos are there to use repetition to sharpen punching techniques and power. Boxing for beginners while working on a heavy bag builds up fighting fitness and conditioning, as it is a perfect time to improve your skills. The heavy bag is essential boxing equipment that allows you to train and serve you in various situations, along with more complicated boxing combinations. 

Boxing for beginners will be exhaustive and jarring as you punch the bag; your fist, knee and foot receive immense resistance. Eventually, you will learn to throw mere soft and fruitful punches while engaging your core and entire body. To improve your skills ideally, increase endurance, stay active, and improve your skill-set by practising various combinations in sparring. We will provide you with combinations to practice for a great workout and a way to improve your techniques. 

Heavy Bag Combos for Beginners

If anyone wants to learn how to hit the punching bag, follow the beginners punching bag exercises. 


Before getting into an intense workout, spend at least ten minutes warming up to get the best performance. Perform the following activities for 30 seconds and repeat the entire sequence three times. 

  • Jogging in place
  • Air Squats
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Shadowboxing
  • High plank to downward dog

Combination 1: Jab, Cross, Hook. 

This boxing combo is effortless and effective by delivering two straight punches to the face, bringing your hands to protect your head. As the hands are forward, the side of the head is left exposed, so we deliver a hook at the end. You can aim to hit the ear that creates a balance problem, and lastly, you can land your punch on the jaw, eye socket and face to make a lot of damage and discomfort. 

Combination 2: Jab, Right Cross

Typically, the primary 1-2 jab-cross will make you learn how to throw, and these are the first two punches you have ever thrown together. The jab must be fast enough to catch your opponent off guard, and the right cross takes his head off and eventually, you can win the entire fight. 

Combination 3: Jab, Body-Rip, Hook. 

The fighter will use three hands in all three punches. Frequently, practitioners throw combinations using a left punch, followed by a right punch, again a left punch, followed by a right punch repeatedly. So, this combination is not a proper occurrence. You can develop the power of punching even with one hand constantly. This style could be challenging for your opponent to deal with as it is pretty unorthodox to use one hand for punches in a row from three different angles. 

Combination 4: Jab, Jab, Cross

It is a fantastic way to trick your opponent as they are not expecting this 1-1-2 technique. After first, the second jab is an excellent way to surprise your opponent with your big right hand. You can handle it this way, if you feel your opponent will throw a counter for the right cross, you confuse him with a jab and then puts a right cross in there. 

Combination 5: Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross. 

By this Boxing combo, one can deliver four straight and hard punches to your opponent. Although if your opponent takes them skillfully, it is complicated for them to stay unaffected by any of the four punches. While performing combination on the heavy bag, you need to practice with both speed and power for the effectiveness of the variety. Your punches must be hard and fast enough that the opponent finds it challenging to deal with them. 

Combination 6: Jab, Cross, Uppercut, Cross, Hook. 

To land a clean punch on your opponent, changing the angles of forces would be great. The ability to punch straight and from various angles will confuse your opponent with what you will deliver next. It is a combination of five punches without breaking rhythm and giving time to your opponent to get prepared. Through this combination, our body will not reset weight every time, and we throw a punch with the flow even from a different angle. 

Combination 7: Right Cross, Left Hook, Right Cross.  

If you face an aggressive opponent invading your space, you need this heavy bag combo. Drop a right hand on your opponent, followed by a left hook and another big right hand. There is no time to set up a whole combination; just start with the hard punches right away. This combination is quite effective at close range; dig your feet and make it hurt on them. 

A Final Word: 

We must guide you here that there are several Heavy Bag Combos at your disposal, including body punches, different angels with brilliant footwork, and more. The combos we have mentioned above are highly effective to improve your strength, endurance and balance. It is fascinating that such exercises will give you endurance power and the opportunity to experiment. To ensure protection, we need to practice Boxing equipment, mainly Heavy bags and Boxing Gloves

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