Boxing Gloves and Pads for Strong Punches-F55 Review 

To decide what kind of boxing gloves you should select for training drills is a tricky decision. Along with pad work, a refined combination that comes with durability is lightweight, comfortable, and so on. Whatever your story and preferences, you need a pair of Boxing Gloves and Pads to sustain injury and learn proper punching techniques. You are choosing the right pair of gloves with high-quality material, durable construction, along with sufficient padding for optimal hand and wrist protection. Starpro leather gloves for boxing are available in various sizes to find the best fit. Learn the optimum punching experience, contour your fist, and execute professional punching techniques. 

Leather Gloves for Boxing and Pads are a combination of dependable, high-quality, and essential for any fighter’s safety and success. There are several types of boxing gloves for various purposes, so they vary in terms of weight, design, level of padding, and other characteristics. 

 Types of Boxing Gloves

Training Gloves:

These gloves are for boxing fitness classes, punching bag training, and primarily for sparring. Typically, they offer wrist support, foam padding, along with thumb lock to prevent injury and hurt during intense training sessions. Moreover, they are designed to withstand the impact of punch and the demands of the training routine. 

 Bag Gloves: 

These gloves are for heavy bag training to increase stamina and endurance. Usually, they are thin with a light design for fast punching, so we recommend hand-wraps to protect your hands while training. 

 Sparring Gloves: 

Sparring gloves feature a comfortable, so contoured design with wrist support and padding, usually used with a sparring partner. These gloves protect you from accidental knockouts, head and face injuries. 

 Competition Boxing Gloves: 

These gloves are also known as professional Boxing gloves and are used in professional fights. These Competition gloves weigh either 8oz or 10oz depending on the professional boxing organization that sponsors the match. Generally, professional gloves are lighter in weight with firm padding and a lace-up design. 

 Starpro F55 Fusion Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads 

Key Features: 

  • Punch Harder
  • Effortless fist closure
  • Durability and Stability
  • Protection with power
  • Fusion Innovation
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Starpro Fusion boxing gloves are a host of innovations with wrinkle-free construction by keeping the padding firmly in place. They came with a smooth and comfortable finish and were cushioned for thorough protection. It comes with incredible strict quality control so ensure that every glove is crafted to perfection. It gives you confidence and builds fluency. 

Professional Boxing Gloves constructed by premium quality Japanese Synthetic leather and appreciated for their durable stability. 

S-Flex Impact Technology to dissipate punch’s impact with adequate cushioning and wrist support with optimal protection against injuries. Starpro has been genuinely passionate about boxing and their customers and manufacturing boxing gear over the past 100 years. 

Breathable Hydra-Flow mesh palm that keeps your hands cool and dry during an intense boxing workout. The ergonomic Wonder-fit shape keeps your hands safe, secure, comfortable, and supportive to keep the wrist stable and avoid sprains, tear, or dislocation. 

These gloves have patent-pending fusion technology with injected molded foam that leaves you with a smooth finish with a powerful combo of protection, comfort, and durability. Manufacturers pay attention to every detail, so your gloves last for the longest time. 

Super soft interior fabric lining with foam combo to minimize friction, reduce irritation along with Velcro strap for a custom fit. 

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