Boxing gear for beginners

Boxing is a prevalent sport nowadays, as it is a way to get fit. As it is a great workout but easy and inexpensive, to begin with. One can start boxing with very little equipment and in a small space. Boxing workouts allow you to work your shoulders, abs, back, and legs for a full-body activity with the right boxing gear

Boxing is a combat sport, and one learns hitting and relieving stress is essential. There are a few pieces of boxing gear, including kid’s boxing gloves, to get regular in a boxing ring and assure you that you are protected and training at your best. To avoid buying non-durable equipment, one needs accurate information to make intelligent purchases. 

 Find a suitable space for boxing training

Before getting to the boxing equipment, assess the space where things fit best and move around doing boxing workouts. It will help you to learn basic footwork patterns and steps, and one can use non-slippery mats. After understanding that boxing training is your personal goal, you will feel that you are investing in boxing equipment.

 Boxing gear essentials 

Boxing equipment depends on the training with or without a partner. Or whether you are doing both practices for a higher quality workout. We will guide you towards some of the best equipment for beginners. 

 Boxing gloves 

Before buying gloves, especially kids boxing gloves, one must know the right size to ensure protection. The right glove size will allow a firm grip that will help you land an impactful punch. For beginners, there are two types of gloves: bag gloves or training gloves for the trainees doing drills without any partner on the punching bag. And the other kind of gloves is a competition or sparring gloves, to practice with a partner. 

One must invest in a good pair of boxing gloves to ensure protection while beating a heavy bag. Find the right glove size by measuring the circumference of your hand by placing a measuring tape around your hand while your palm is facing upward. One must take the correct measurements and then choose gloves accordingly. 

Suppose we classify gloves based on their weight which ranges from 8oz to 20oz. Heavily padded gloves weigh more and ensure more protection, so they are ideal for training sessions. Heavily padded gloves will provide extra support and proper protection during intense training drills; they usually weigh between 10 and 12 oz. 

Focus on closure systems which are lace-ups and Velcro. Whereas Velcro is much easier and ideal for beginners as they can take it on and off without help. 

 Hand wraps 

Kids usually have tiny bones in their hands and wrists, so they must wrap their hands before putting on kids’ boxing gloves. During boxing training, one must not ignore adding a cushion for intense blows. If covered correctly, hand wraps protect knuckles and wrists for sparring while throwing heavy punches. 

For a beginner, innerwear is more appropriate than hand wraps as these are easy to put on and off. It will also help extend gloves’ life as they collect blood and sweat. Hand wraps come in various sizes and styles, and you get a couple of them to rotate in every training session. 


An exact fitting mouthpiece protects your teeth from severe damage in boxing and is the essential piece of boxing gear. While sparring, the mouth guard will protect your teeth after a jab to the face when you need a mouthpiece, even though you don’t feel the risk of getting hit. Using a representative, one can protect their whole mouth from any severe impact. 

 Head Guard 

Your head is an essential part of your body and requires protection while boxing. A good head guard will keep your head safe during sparring and training. Headgear protects you from cuts and scrapes but not protects you from repeated punches to the head. 

There are various styles when it comes to boxing headgear, and the range goes from minimal to only showing your eyes. 

 Groin protectors 

While boxing training and sparring, a groin protector will protect you from low blows. It is an essential piece of equipment for boxing beginners and an excellent option for those who do not want to get hit where it hurts. 

 Focus mitts 

It provides you with a target to hit to stimulate a match-like situation while practicing on focus mitts. This way, one can learn how to dodge the sweeping motions of the punches. 

 Concluded note: 

While selecting equipment to start your boxing routine, focus on quality, comfort, and durability. The right equipment will help you build strength and enhance your workout routine. We suggest you check out StarPro combat for quality boxing gear, including kids’ boxing gloves, without breaking the bank. 

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