Best punching bag workout. Why does hitting a punching bag relieve stress?  

 They say stress is a killer; it’s the starting point of most illnesses, both mental and physical. There are many lifestyle changes for keeping stress at bay, and boxing is one of the best of them. The sport’s focus on coordination and quick thinking help drown out the noise, while the physical exertion lets you pound out that stress on a punching bag (as opposed to the object of your rage!). Let’s get into what stress does to the body, boxing’s benefits for stress reduction, and some key heavy bag drills to up your game and free your mind.    

 What are some physical effects of stress on the body? 

Chronic stress can certainly lead to physical symptoms. Its effects may cause both physical and mental tiredness to take hold. Well-known ailments linked to stress include: 

  • Chemical imbalance in the brain leads to mental illnesses such as depression 
  • Inflammation in the body, which is a root cause of various diseases and health problems 
  • Trouble sleeping leading up to sleep deprivation, also known as insomnia

Does exercising reduce stress? 

Exercise has a variety of effects that lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety. For example, when you exercise, your brain produces more endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that improve sensations of joy and wellbeing. Along with this, exercise controls and reduces cortisol and adrenaline, also known as stress hormones. These two effects work in tandem and usually result in lower stress and better overall quality of life. 

Boxing is among the healthiest activities and is an ideal form of exercise for de-stressing. It helps to sharpen your mind, all the while giving your entire body an effective cardio and strength workout. The intense concentration and discipline needed to deliver punches and combos in quick succession are great for clearing your mind of the tensions of the day. Punching has been shown to help relieve muscle tension, a symptom that develops as a result of stress. There is also a kind of catharsis to just punching it out and letting off steam. The oxygenation that results in your body from a great aerobic workout like this further helps the body relax and recover. 

A heavy bag can be used to communicate feelings. By visualizing a stressful scenario or someone in one’s life that serves as a trigger, one may conceptualize the heavy bag as a physical manifestation of their stress. One can then proceed to release their anger in a constructive way. 

 What are the best heavy bag workouts?

The goal of beginner punching bag drills is to help you grasp the fundamentals while developing timing and skill on the bag. Although these punch combinations are simple, they are meant to resemble actual fighting situations and heighten the pleasure and adrenaline of the sport. 

 You may build the punching pace you aspire to by doing these efficient workouts. It’s true when they say in boxing that the blow you don’t see is the one that gets you. The secret is to throw those punches quickly and without pause – almost on autopilot. The only way to get there is practice, practice, practice, so better get started on these drills. Whether you have an MMA punching bag or a heavy boxing bag, both work.   

Drill 1: The Triple Threat Combo 

 Develop your lightning-quick snapping skills with the double jab. Avoid giving your opponent the time to respond to your moves. 

  • Fighters know that when it comes to boxing, defensive practice is equivalent to the offensive. For this drill, start bobbing and weaving while holding your gloves up to protect your face in case of a counterattack.  
  • Take up your fighting stance once more and deliver a powerful left hook. 
  • Repeat about 4 minutes in a row. 
  • After finishing, take a minute to rest or, if you want to step it up a notch, do push-ups for a minute. 

 Drill 2: The Body Shots Drill 

 This is a fantastic combo to utilize to decompress and destroy your foe at the same time. 

  •  Facing the punching bag, deliver four consecutive straight blows quickly. Strike the same target consistently with each blow. 
  • Then, while concentrating on your quickness, fire off a barrage of quick body blows while counting to 10. Use alternating arms for each blow. 
  • Repeat 4 minutes in a row. 

 Drill 3: The Jab and Cross Combo Drill 

 Keep your right leg forward, and bend your knees. Lift your gloves and keep them in front of your face. Tuck your elbows into your body. Position yourself so that you are at least about an arm’s length away from the boxing bag. 

  • Use the “one-two” count as you quickly execute the jab and cross. 
  • Up the strength factor for the two body shots, you throw, putting more force into the blows. 
  • Repeat continuously for 4 minutes. 
  • After finishing, take a minute to relax. 

 Drill 4: The Combination Heavy Bag Drill for Speed 

  • In this speed bag exercise, two punch combinations will be the main emphasis. The idea is to make the two blows sound like one. Here, unadulterated speed is what you’re after. 
  • Firstly, throw a jab and cross combo. Just concentrate on this combination. for a round. 
  • Switch over to throwing a straight right and then a left hook 
  • Your third round should be solely the right hook followed by a jab 
  • Alternate an uppercut and an opposite hook in round four. 
  • For your fifth round, use your imagination. Try out different combos using the same approach. 

Drill 5: The All-Rounder Heavy Bag Drill 

  • This drill includes all that you’ve gone over in the abovementioned drills. It’s best if you attempt it after going through the first four. 
  • Throw combo after combo as fast as you can, keeping 3 seconds between them.  
  • Try to get 3 punches into each combination. 
  • To practice proper head positioning, move your head around after each combo. 
  • Remember to keep both your speed and strength consistent. 
  • For the first few times you do this, keep it to a max of three rounds. After that, as you build your stamina, keep going harder and try to improve.  

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