Best Punching Bag for Stress Relief

For many of us, stress is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. That may be because of submitting deliverable and meeting deadlines at work, or just due to the uncertainties that life throws at us. One thing is for sure, everyone needs a healthy outlet for stress relief. Best punching bag helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect you experience stress.

How does stress affect you physically?

Chronic stress is very much a condition that can manifest physically. Its effects can lead to sustained mental and physical fatigue. Some classical conditions related to stress are:
– depression
– inflammation
– lack of sleep, or insomnia
Effect Of Stress

Does exercising reduce stress?

Exercise offers many stress-relieving benefits: during a workout session your brain increases its production of endorphins, neurotransmitters that act in increasing feelings of pleasure and well-being thus reducing stress levels.

One of the best outlets and exercise for stress relief is boxing. It offers not only a complete body workout but helps to train your mind all at once. The focus that boxing requires for perfecting punches, combinations and footwork is excellent for taking your mind off of the daily stresses. While putting on a pair of gloves and pounding out your feelings on a heavy bag can have a cathartic effect on your stress levels. Punching also has been proven to aid in relieving muscle tension that builds due to stress.

Hitting a punching bag can be an expression of emotions. Symbolically, one may picture the punching bag as a representation of one’s stress, picturing a problematic situation or person in one’s life which acts as a trigger. Punching at the bag allows one to express anger in a healthy way.

Stress Reduction

Benefits of Punching Bags

The benefits of punching bags are endless. Apart from the stress relieving properties they possess, they help you build strength and practice power punches, while simultaneously giving you a hefty dose of cardio. A good punching bag will turn you into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Let’s take a look at 2 of the best punching bags we would recommend.

Punching Bags

PLZ Series Performer Heavy Bag

This highly resilient model boasts a 1.2mm thick PVC artificial leather shell which resists cuts and tears for a long-term training solution. It’s filled with fine textile cuttings that help you build strength while reducing the impact to your hands, which makes it ideal for beginners. The heavy bag comes complete with L3 four-part suspension chain and galvanized swivel which allows you to easily hang the bag anywhere.

Performer Heavy Bag

Double End Boxing Punch Bag

Comes in 1.2mm maya hi-tech artificial leather with CN backing and filled with textile cuttings to offer great resistance. The material is vegan-friendly and a breeze to clean, all while being highly durable as well. The angled surface of the bag helps to better train uppercuts and is excellent for high intensity training sessions. Equipped with 2” nylon straps and a 2.6ft chain to hang the bag with ease and increased stability.

Boxing Punching Bag

Pair these punching bags with a set of gloves, hand wraps and other protective equipment which you can browse here.


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