Best Punching Bag for MMA Training

There’s a large variety of training bags out there to choose from, and that can have beginners and even experienced fighters confused about what punching bag is best for them. Some favourites include the Muay Thai bag, banana bag, speed bag, and the tear-drop bag, but options aren’t limited to these. Different training bags are designed for specific purposes: some are designed for upper body practise, some for low kicks and some for increasing speed. Each has its pros and cons when it comes to training, and some are better than others for certain fighting styles. We have compiled some punching bags to help you distinguish the right one for you, according to your personal needs.

Next level training with the right punching bag 

A great punching bag is an investment, and you need it to last: look for value for money so that your bag gives you bang for your buck. We love the Starpro PLZ series leather punching bags: they are game changers for your heavy workout routine.

Product: Starpro PLZ series punching bag

Material: PVC Artificial leather

Size and Weight: 90x30cm (3ft) weight 19kg ± 2/3kg, 120x33cm (4ft) weight 28kg ± 2/3kg, 180x30cm ,(6ft) weight 40kg ± 2/3kg

Price: £61.99

The Starpro PLZ series has garnered a lot of attention in the fighting community: it’s constructed not just for fighters but also for beginners getting to know the sport. This one definitely combines form and function: its long shape and high quality materials stand out. A longer bag like this one is best suite to MMA because of how it allows you to practise your kicks and grappling. Think of this as the perfect opponent for those solo training sessions.

The PLZ series comes filled with fine textile cuttings, and is constructed from PVC leather which is as strong as the real thing. The PVC is vegan-friendly, easy to clean, and a great surface to work with, all while being more affordable than traditional leather options. This bag also comes packed with all the accessories. Wall hanging mechanisms are including, and whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting, it works for both. The adjustable chain makes for easy customisation too. Durable, resilient and classy, this bag is a versatile option at a great price point, making it a must-have for any fighters looking to train at home.

A Double End Bag for Double the Impact

We all know how great a double end bag is: it’s light and easy to ship, it’s durable, it’s small enough to install in the house. Double end bags are also dynamic: they’re the closest you can get to a fight in the ring. Starpro’s offering packing with features that play into the double end boxing bag’s strengths. This bag is designing specifically for Muay thai, mma, judo and martial arts, and can withstand heavy blows, upper cuts, roundhouse kicks and fast sparring with its fantastic construction.

Product: Starpro Double End Boxing Bag

Material: Maya High tech artificial leather with CN backing

Size and Weight:  82x33cm (2.6 Ft), 20kg ± 2/3kg

Price:   £120.99

Looking at the Starpro double end boxing bag, it’s clear they have kept durability in mind. Wide, thick nylon straps to suspend the bag mean less strain on the fixtures and a more flexible, high powered workout to boot. All these features coupled with its reasonable price is a big bargain that’ll pay off for years to come.

The Starpro double end punching bag has a premium look and feel which adds to its appeal. The Maya leather finishing is easy to clean and just as durable as real leather while being vegan friendly. While MMA fighters tend to favour longer bags, don’t sleep on this one: this is where you go to practice your accuracy and build up your speed and skill. The added bonus with this kind of bag is that you get to practice your footwork too.

For more MMA bags and equipment that we swear by, visit here. We’re sure this treasure trove of fighting goods won’t disappoint.

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