Best Kids Boxing Gloves and Pads: StarPro Vs. RDX

Boxing is the most ancient sport and evolved so well over time. Physical activity, most likely, Combat Sports are way effective to channelize any child’s energies. Combat sports, especially Boxing, is a combo of health and entertainment. Moreover, Boxing is the best way to build fitness, instill confidence and learn self-defense. But to practice Boxing safely, you need the right boxing equipment, inevitably a good boxing pair and Boxing pads. 

Product safety is one of the significant concerns, as it ensures your protection. There are various kids boxing gloves and pads with notable features that provide protection comfort. It is tricky to find the right pair of boxing gloves for you; however, we have enlisted some of the best kids’ boxing gloves for you, keeping in mind essential features along with safety. All the products are selected by our professionals and conduct in-depth reviews for the best kids boxing gloves currently available. All of us want our kids to start their journey of combat sports with good-quality products. 

RDX J12 Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads Set 

RDX is renowned for making these perfect junior boxing gloves and boxing pads as a top combat sports brand. An ideal holiday bundle offers a pleasing feel of comfort. 

Material: ConvEX skin Combat Leather

Child Weight (In Pounds): 60-80 LBS

Gloves Weight (In Ounces): 6oz

Colors: Six Various Colors.

Features: Shock Busting inners, EVA-LUTION foam pads, Nylon breathable mesh palm.

Manufacturing Material: They are made up of signature ConvEX skin combat leather, a shock-busting inner designed to absorb the impact of force and keep the hands safe from injury. 

Thumb protection: pre-curved shock-buster gloves, with thumb lock protection and fist form while throwing even wrong punch. EVA-LUTION foam pads to absorb the impact and better shock absorption. 

Breathable Design: Nylon mesh glove palms trap cool air and replace warm moisture and eventually your hands fresh. 

Style: It comes in various attractive colors, Combat sport at a young age is primarily be done for fun, while the results are in life longer span. 

 RDX J12 Kids

StarPro T20 Kids Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitt 

StarPro Boxing Gloves and Boxing pads are fully loaded with Special features, offering exceptional quality. They give you a combination of functionality and style that ensures protection and comfort altogether. They, too, provide buddle offers of Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts, and much more regarding combat gear. 

Material: Vegan Leather

Size (in Ounces): 4oz, 6oz

Weight (In Kilogram): 25-35kg for 40z, 35-43kg for 60z

Color: Black

Features: PolyMax Grip Control, 360-degree protection, Wrap Strap Closing, Moisture Wicking, Wrap Strap closure. 

Manufacturing Material: A robust choice, made up of Synthetic leather, along with an exceptional quality that provides durability. 

Design: V-Tech training gloves are designed with PolyMax grip control to boost endurance, reaction time, and punch speed. A fantastic and firm foam padding that ensures extreme protection and gives a comfortable shape to the hand. The form of the boxing gloves encourages proper boxing techniques.

360-degree Protection: A unique feature of 360-degree protection disperse the shock, protects your knuckles, and prevents injuries. 

Wrap Strap Closing: A secure wrap strap keeps the hands comfortable, protects the wrist from twisting, and ensures the right fit. 

Moisture Wicking feature: The moisture-wicking Hydra-flow mesh palm keeps it soft and fresh, and odor-free. 

StarPro T20 Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX J12 Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads Set StarPro T20 Kids Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitt
Material ConvEx skin combat leather Synthetic Vegan Leather
Size 6oz 4oz-6oz
Weight 60-80 LBS 25-35kg for 4oz, 35-43kg for 6oz
Color Six Various colors Black
Features Shock Busting inners, EVA-LUTION foam pads, Nylon breathable mesh palm. PolyMax Grip Control, 360-degree protection, Wrap Strap Closing, Moisture Wicking, Wrap Strap closure.
Overall Recommendation 4.0 5.0

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