5 Best Boxing Training Equipment For Home

With all the uncertainties surrounding us during the pandemic, the curfews and lock downs along with the closure of gyms (nightmarish for anyone trying to get into shape) and all the mental strains and anxieties that come with these uncertain times, what better way to utilise the time we have indoors than to introduce some form of physical exercise into our daily lives.

Boxing is an excellent way to train your mind and body all at once! The high intensity punching circuits blast nearly 600 calories an hour engaging all of your body whilst sculpting your arms, shoulder, core, legs and the added focus to nail these punches keeps your mind active and rejuvenated. 

To get you started on your new boxing training, let’s have a look at the 5 best equipment to train from home. You can get good results at home by using boxing training equipment. For boxing you just need good mindset and focus on your goal.

Boxing Gloves

With boxing, each situation calls for particular gloves that provide specific support. You’ll need bag gloves to withstand heavy bag training sessions, training gloves for learning, and sparring gloves for a fight but as we’re starting out at home the M33 Dynamic boxing gloves are the best gloves for beginners. Not only are they stylish in their black and viper green color, they boast seamless stitching, high durability, shock absorbing foam that lets you pack a punch and made from high-quality PU-5G REACH approved synthetic leather that provides the perfect foundation for you to sharpen your skills.

Boxing Glove

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Focus Mitts

As any fighter knows, drills with focus mitts are the best way to sharpen your reflexes and develop a rhythm. The curved M33 Coaching Mitts are ideal for training with Starpro’s Z-tech quick drying, anti-slip fabric, durable PU leather striking surface and EVA foam which offers unparalleled impact resistance that protects you and your training partner from bruising and injuries during a mitt workout.

Focus Mitts

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Punching Bags

Punching bags aren’t just amazing for fighters, they’re the perfect investment for anyone looking to get into great shape due to the high impact workouts they offer. The Starpro PLZ Series Performer Heavy Bag is highly durable with its 1.2mm thick cut and tears resistant PVC artificial leather filled with fine textile cuttings that help you build strength and is ideal for beginners.

Punching Bag

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Hand wraps

For maximum protection of your hands and wrists, the Starpo super inner gloves made from hi-tech woven polyester offer breath ability and comfort while pounding the punching bags or sparring with your training partner.

Hand Wraps

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Head guards

Once you’ve punched the bags enough, mastered your technique and rhythm with the mitts and are ready to spar with your training partner don’t forget to add the M33 head guard to your gear which offers superior comfort, quick drying fabric, a lightweight construction and most of all the enhanced protection you need.

Head Guards

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Now that we’ve sorted out your gear would we be seeing a PPV bout in the years to come?

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