5 Best Boxing Punching bag for Home Use with Chain in 2022

A punching bag is a piece of boxing equipment designed to be repeatedly punched. Typically, they come in various sizes, shapes and materials depending on the filling. After the outbreak of the CoronaVirus pandemic, many people are training at home. Whatever Combat sport or Fitness Training you are into, you will use a punching bag. Punching Bag are made in different ways. It is best way and great way to build muscle in the shoulders arms and back. For boxing and martial arts the heavy bag is used to improve striking power and to help fighters practice movement and combination technique.

How to choose the right punching bag?

We have analyzed well to provide you with the best details regarding punching bags. Which sizes are best for your fighting style and all the information to choose a punching bag according to your choice.
Things to look for before purchasing Boxing Punching Bag

  • Size and Weight
  • Specifications on Material
  • Shapes
  • Hanging Straps

Best Punching Bag Size and Weight

While purchasing a punching bag, size and weight are the most noticeable things regarding your sport. The general rule of buying a Boxing punching bag is that it should be approximately half of your body weight. We give the details of the most common sizes for Boxing bags below:

120cm x 38cm  Weight 34-36kgs 60 %
150cm x 38cm  Weight 40-43kgs 30%
180cm x 38cm  Weight 48-50kgs 10%

The bag’s weight is about 40-50% of your body weight, like if you are 65 kg, you get around 30 kg for home. Generally, all boxers can use heavy and lighter punching bags for general training and good practice. Heavy bags are for working on power and conditioning, and lighter bags are for speed and accuracy.

Specifications of Punching Bag

  • If we talk about outer material, it comes in different synthetic materials. Some of these materials are very good in quality and indication, like warrantee. In addition, the Warranty should be eight years for boxing punch bags for home workouts.
  • Leather punching bags are high-quality, unsplit and most expensive. Besides that, we will not recommend Split Leather punching bags as they are not durable.
  • Rip-Stop Vinyl is the most popular material, along with the different levels of quality.
  • Canvas bags are the cheapest option, but we can get good quality punching bags as well. But we will recommend it due to its stiffness and hard texture.
  • The inside Material of a punching bag is usually filled with a cloth or shredded rags. It keeps the density of the bag nice and firm, but sometimes small sandbags are also added to increase the weight.
  • There is an option of filled or unfilled boxing bags to avoid shipping charges.
  • Custom made punching bags are another option by which you can get a bag of your choice. Companies can customize the colour, size and fillings of boxing punching bags.

Which Punching Bag is Best?

We will provide you with different types of punching bags to help you select the right one for you.

  • Standard Punching Bag comes in an average size and is lightweight, specifically suitable for the home.
  • Heavy bags are most common and with heavier and dense features. Specific for Boxing and Muay Thai Gyms to improve your power, training techniques and conditioning.
  • Wrecking Ball Punching bag and Uppercut bags are versatile and great for lead body shots, body punches and uppercuts.
  • They designed wall-mounted Mounted Bags for hooks and uppercuts boxing combinations. Typically, it is not much in use and works as an EXTRA in-home boxing gym.
  • Free Standing punching bag with a fillable water base, and one can place it anywhere. It is much more durable, and movement is not as easy as hanging punching bags.

Hanging Straps

Here we will guide you about the options how to hang a punching bag that includes:

  • Wall Frames

But we consider it not a strong punching bag frame.

  • Boxing Bag Swing

Distance of the swing from the frame will make the bag swing more.

  • Swivels

To put less strain on the bag and hold the bag up.

  • Springs

It is not for kicking bags but for punching bags, the right thing to connect the punching bag and its attachment.

Best Boxing Punching Bags with Chains

Boxing punching bags with chains are the most popular bags we use in boxing. Whether you are a fighter, boxer, novice or professional, you have to use boxing bags for general training. These are exceptionally versatile for Combat sport and help you improve your techniques, form and striking power. As we have mentioned above, they come in a wide range of weight specifications. The ideal boxing bag is durable at max, absorbs and distributes the strike force. We will suggest some stylish, safe and easy to install boxing punching bags.

F10 Boxing Bag
4.3 out of 5
Starpro Boxing Punching Bag
Geezers Punching Bag
4.6 out of 5
G1 Mirage 6ft Bag
Geezers Punching Bag
3.9 out of 5
Last Punch Heavy Duty
Geezers Punching Bag
4.0 out of 5

RDX F-10 4FT / 5FT 2-IN-1 Training Punch Bag Black Set

RDX best punching bags

Material: Maya Hide Leather
Punch Bag Length: 4ft & 5ft
Available Options: Filled & Unfilled

  • The RDX Impact G-Core dual-layered punching bag with chain is durable and incredibly long-lasting for a training session.
  • They manufacture it with Maya Hide Leather; therefore, it can even survive hard-hitting punching drills.
  • Precise stitching for long-lasting performance.
  • Its filling is shredded textile that absorbs the impact and protects hands. It delivers optimal sway and resistance to build up endurance. It will also help to retain the shape of the bag.
  • There is an accessible sturdy top zip closure to fill up the bag to its maximum capacity.
  • Pre-Filled Punch Bags weights are given below:
4ft Pre-filled Punch bag Approx. 18 – 20 KG Filling Capacity 40 – 50 KG
5ft Pre-filled Punch bag Approx. 20 – 22 KG Filling Capacity 50 – 60 KG

Geezers Elite Pro Impact Leather Heavy Punch Bag – 4ft

Geezers Elite punch boxing bag

Material: High-quality Leather
Punch Bag Length: 4ft
Available Options: Black Color. (Hanging Chains not included)

  • Geezers Elite Pro Impact Leather Heavy Punch Bag manufactured under the finest quality Leather.
  • It is softened with a total impact foam liner and perfectly weighted. This foam lining feature is an innovative design to protect the boxer’s hands. While punching, it offers an ultimate feel on impact.
  • Best filling material added and red detailing makes it appealing and stylish.
  • Its most attractive feature is a precision stud and stitch work, making it long-lasting and decreasing the risk of injury.
  • Along with a hanging option, the company has provided a D-ring on the bottom to make the punch bag anchor on the floor. It can enhance your practice skills and prevent excessive swinging.                 

Boxing Punch Bag Artificial Leather With Chain

Boxing punching bag

Material: Thick PVC Artificial Leather
Size: 3ft, 4ft & 6ft
Available Options: Black Color

  • Starpro PLZ series performer Punching bags are developed for reliability and endurance. The company manufactures it with 1.2 mm thick PVC artificial leather, offering a high-quality ratio of surface tears and cut resistance.
  • This fine, made for performance, has a textile cutting filling. It goes through a rigorous scanning procedure to meet the international standards of compliance and safety.
  • This boxing punching bag comes with all accessories for hanging in a retainer box packing. A complete set of accessories will help to hang the bag conveniently.
  • Auto-locking slider zipper is a unique feature that keeps the filling packed in. Resilience features ensure outstanding performance while practising your moves.
  • Availability in a variety of sizes makes it for beginners and professionals as well.

Synthetic Leather G1 Mirage 6ft Bag Red / Black

Synthetic leather Punching Bag

Material: Synthetic Leather
Size: 4ft
Available Option:4-way chain suspension

  • Mirage Matt Finish Synthetic Leather newly develops the world-famous Ringside bag. Their punching bags with chains are the industry benchmark with the G1 Mirage Series.
  • Although dense, rigid outlook but throughout uniform padding in the latest range of bags. The Company finished these new featured punching bags according to innovative needs and for easy cleaning.
  • Indeed, they are ideal for home workouts after the outbreak of a pandemic.
  • Their G1 4ft bag has a 4-way chain suspension system besides a D-ring at the bottom for anchoring.

Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Last punching heavy bag

Material: Canvas Exterior
Size: 4ft
Available: Unfilled

  • A premium quality durable canvas material for manufacturing; henceforth a heavy-duty punching bag.
  • It comes unfilled, so one can fill it with various choices like old clothes, cotton, towels, sand or whatever you want. Therefore, you can control the density and weight of the punching bag.
  • Last world Boxing bag ideal for beginners as made up of sturdy material and reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know the right heavy bag?
It’s a general rule that a boxing bag should be about half of your body weight. Heavier bags than given measurements have a higher chance of hurt to your wrists and hands.

How do you hang a Punching bag with a chain?
Please ensure enough space for swinging before hanging the boxing punching bag. While purchasing, keep accessories in mind as they mostly come with a ceiling mount. Mark the points before drilling, then tight bolts carefully. Then connect the chain with hooks from the boxing bag.

Concluded Note

As Professionals, we understand the importance of the right fitness equipment. There is a significant rise in combat sports, punching bags becoming a vital gear. While choosing a punching bag, be very careful about various shapes, sizes, weights and sport specifications. A punching bag is crucial for boxing and MMA training equipment, so always research innovative modifications before buying.

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