5 Best Boxing Headgear to protect the brain in 2022

Headgear is an essential piece of safety gear for a fighter. However, many people have the misconception that headgear is lame for Combat sports. Best boxing headgear is paramount for many reasons, although you can not wear it in a match. A suitable headgear makes movements natural, reducing the force delivered to the brain significantly. Reduce the number of superficial cuts, indeed the best defense to head injuries.

According to our professionals, headgear is the best protection whether you are an amateur or pro. It is a common opinion that headgear along with boxing gloves are the most protective equipment. Always try to buy 100% best headgear, do not compromise over quality. To train yourself better, you need to keep practicing with protection.

We understand that finding the best headgear is a complicated task, so that we will provide you with a guide. We will guide you to choose the best headgear from tons of options to make your decision easy.

Pros and Cons of Headgear

The pros and Cons of headgear remain a matter of debate, and we will try to back up our statements with some points.

It helps to prevent cuts.

As headgear padding covers the most sensitive parts of the face, that gloves could damage. There could be an enormous increase of cuts and bruises on skin and eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Along with this, a pro tip is to apply vaseline on exposed areas of the face.

Protects Nose

The nose and chin are easy targets for punch, and indeed they are the most sensitive parts of the face and wreak havoc if damaged. Boxing headgear keeps both your face and brain safer and protects them from beating. Fighters can protect their noses from wear and tear.

Avoid Bruises

Bruising can be harmful and painful, so suitable headgear is a solid investment for any fighter.

But some negative aspects of wearing headgear are there as well:

Range of Vision reduction

Foam padding creates blind spots in your vision; even more foam padding can affect eye vision more. By keeping this point in mind for competition headgear, there is less foam padding. High-quality headgear should not cover the cheeks, chin, and face to see the opponent to avoid attacks.

Larger Target for punches

Many organizations recommend removing headgear during competitions, as they think headgears provide a larger target for punches. Eventually, a larger target for gloves leads to more head injuries.

False sense of security

Usually, fighters get a false sense of security just because of headgear. One must keep in mind that headgear can not sustain injury from any direct blow. In fact, with the suitable headgear but the wrong mindset, it could be harmful.

Headgear and Concussions

There are contrary statements about Headgear and Concussions as headgear is for the prevention of concussions. Some institutes deny this benefit, but we suggest you wear headgear along with a mouthguard.

Styles of Headgear

Depending on your chosen Combat sport, there are different types and styles of headgear. We will provide you with the details of varying headgear to pick the best one for you.

Boxing (Competition) Headgear

Boxing headgear is also known as Competition headgear, accompanied by streamlined padding and less cheek padding. They designed it in a way to make it clear and allow more vision. An excellent eye vision can make you detect a coming punch and reduce its impact. Along with this, lightweight headgear will enable you to move quicker and save your chin or cheeks. We will guide you with the best headgears that will be approved and with a stamp on padding.

  • Boxing (Sparring) Headgear

Boxing Headgear for sparring is famous as face savor but comes with thick padding features to protect the nose and chin. Some people found it annoying as it decreases visibility.

  • Muay Thai Headgear (Kickboxing)

Someone can use it interchangeably, but boxing and Muay Thai brands perform similarly. It involves knee, elbow strikes, and high kicks. It is precisely for chin protection and does not involve wrestling like MMA.

  • MMA Headgear

The MMA headgear is different in shape, size, and design. Although it borrows aspects from wrestling so thicker and soft padding is given. High-quality headgear comes with little firmer padding.

Headgear buying guide

We will guide you with the best boxing headgear to buy, as beginners and aspiring boxers should buy the best headgear with no excuse. We have put a list together of five pieces of best boxing headgear chosen by our professionals.

Farabi Synthetic Head Guard
RDX boxing glove
3.9 out of 5
Premier Pro Safety Boxing Head Guard
Premier Pro Safety Boxing Head Guard
4.4 out of 5

Pinnacle Series Cheek Head Guard
Pinnacle Series Cheek Head Guard
4.1 out of 5
M33 Head Guard
Starpro M33 headgear
4.9 out of 5
RDX Apex Boxing Headgear
RDX Headgear
4.5 out of 5

Farabi Synthetic Leather Head Guard

Farabi Headgear

Material: Synthetic Leather.
Availability: Multicolors.

  • They manufactured Farabi Head Guard with Synthetic Leather to give it durability and endurance. It is designed for strength and massive safety, including resisting the shock and reducing its impact.
  • For extra protection to the head, there is an internal Tri-layered PU-X Padding that reduces the risk of facial injury. Typically, it protects the sensitive area of the face and head—provision of better viewing during training and combat sports.
  • Ultra-lightweight provides effortless movement along with better viewing angle—a perfect snugness along with a vast swift-Z velcro closure system.
  • Because of the ultra-lightweight feature, it will not hamper the head movement giving the perfect viewing sight. Eventually, it will help to react as quickly as possible.
  • There is Tri-layered Pad-X Material that decimates the force impact towards the head and face.
  • It contains water-resistant internal PU-lining along with large vented holes for ears. They equipped these vented holes with cotton-x protection that enhances the level of comfort and usability.
  • Extra padding at the cheeks gives protection to the cheeks from heavy punches.

Premier Pro Safety Boxing Head Guard

Starpro safety headguard

Material: Combination of Synthetic and Genuine Leather.
Availability: One color and multiple sizes.

  • Excellent and powerful in performance, light in weight.
  • Starpro Safety Head Guard offers you multiple layers of protection in a way that will not hamper vision. They manufacture it with a combination of premium synthetic and genuine leather that gives durability. For the extra protection for ears, and designed to bring out the best in you.
  • Pro safety head guards protect your head during practice drills, and one can practice with confidence.
  • A premium head guard for all levels, highly durable and comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries. Someone quickly dealt shock impact with and absorbed and dispersed across the surface.
  • Provides superior mouth protection without impeding vision or any hindrance in breathing.
  • Along with a moisture-wicking lining that makes you comfortable.
  • It is equipped with complete ear protection as a slit around the ears that shields you from injury. These characteristics make it the best kickboxing headgear for combat sports needs.
  • Even after wearing this guard, hearing remains unrestricted, and all the senses will react and dodge quickly.
  • They are equipped with a fast tie closure system and a chinstrap at the rear and top of the headguard. One can fix it according to their preferences and minimize the movement for maximum protection.

Pinnacle Series Cheek Head Guard Forest Slate/Platinum

Ringside Headgear

Material: Cowhide Leather.
Availability: Slate/Platinum.

  • A fantastic contemporary series, although the latest development, with a low-key and high-affected design.
  • They manufactured it with premium finished cowhide leathers, providing a high level of protection and performance.
  • The nonslip moisture high-affected inner lining is developed to provide a secure fit to ensure maximum focus. Along with 3-point fit, adjustment to ensure ultimate guide while intense sparring sessions.
  • However, laser-cut leather contrast paneling provides a wide field of vision.

M33 Head Guard

Starpro M33 headgear

Material: Imitation Leather.
Availability: Black/Viper Green color.

  • Indeed, a dynamic head guard manufactured by 100% high-quality PU5G Imitation Leather.
  • Starpro Head Guard’s focus is to keep you safe and packed with so many safety features.
  • They have packed it with a lot of features making it a choice of professionals. Heavy impact resistance foam, loaded with high-density EVA foam, gives superior comfort and fit.
  • Lightweight and robust enough for maximum protection and considered best for training sessions.
  • They equipped it with z-tech moisture-wicking super absorbent anti-stick fabric in a combination of open-cell foam to keep you comfortable.

RDX Apex Boxing Headgear with Cheek Protector

RDX Headgear

Material: Super Skin Leather

  • An advanced full-face head guard by RDX that is carefully designed to ensure clear visibility. It provides maximum stability to the head during intense training sessions.
  • They manufactured it with super skin leather on the outside to enhance durability and make it stable for practice sessions. It also gives resistance against wear and tears with padding inside.
  • A top-notch design with EVA LUTION SHEET allows ventilation and breathability and eventually delivers protection by equally dissipating force.
  • Max-shock Equilibrium Foam and comfortable Eva-Lution sheet dissipates force equally and enhance performance ability.
  • It is equipped with a secure closure system with the feature of a quick-EZ-hook-and-loop that delivers an adjustable fit while reducing any risk of injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does boxing headgear protect your eyes?
A high-quality headgear for eye protection is very well padded to ensure minimal impact to the fighter’s face. A well-designed headgear always comes with enhanced protection without impeding visibility.
Why do male boxers not wear headgear?
It increases the risk of blows to the head as padding around the eyes hampers the boxer’s vision.

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