Best Boxing Gloves for Kids Training

Boxing and MMA should not be restricted to only age and gender, it should be taught to everyone. For young children, it can be their introduction to self-defence and protection. Not to mention, it is an excellent exercise routine to get kids off their phones and focused on their mental and physical strength. Starpro Combat boasts a range of protective fighting equipment for children, and we are intrigue.

 T20 Kids boxing Gloves

Price: 14.99

Material: Vegan Leather

Sizes: 4-6 Oz for kids

These training gloves are jam pack with tech to offer maximum protection for the young children’s hands to make them enjoy the sport without the threat of injury.

The light leather and hydra-flow mesh palm ventilation makes these the best boxing gloves for kids. Whether it’s a 4 Oz boxing glove or a 6 Oz boxing glove, Starpro has paid minute attention to every detail. The inner taffeta waterproof lining prevents water or sweat from accumulating in one place and the moisture absorbing dense foam keeps little hands cool and dry from the inside. The best boxing gloves for kids are those that actually take their needs into account; the poly max grip bar helps form fists naturally, taking pressure off the forearm.

Starpro made sure that the training boxing gloves for kids are injected with high quality moulded foam to offer double the protection and comfort that regular foam offers.

The vegan leather exterior covering is wrinkle free and is shock absorbent thus evenly distributing impact all over the glove. The high quality Velcro closure stabilises your wrist and prevents it from getting dislocate or bruise due to heavy training. With a lower weight range, these are made for younger children and for less impact-heavy activities.

These Starpro boxing gloves come in a series of different colours: black, orange, red, hot pink, light pink, green and blue, so this way your kid can take their pick and wear them proud.

C20 Boxing Gloves

Price: 19.99

Materials: PU Duarte Leather

Sizes: 8-16 Oz

Filled with double layers of mould foam to absorb even the most intense impact, these gloves are recommends for kids on the intermediate end of the spectrum or for younger teens figuring out the ropes. The V shaped design allows for more endurance, speed and agility while sparring or training in the ring. The Hydra flow mesh keeps hands cool and dry even during the most intensive of workouts.

Manufactured for the sole purpose of high performance, the C20 boxing gloves are a cult favourite for their fantastic price point and stylish finish. They have a streamlined V tech design that screams modern minimalism. The strong Velcro strap on these works to stabilize the wrist and prevent strain or injury. They come in five sizes, 8-16 Oz and are only available in black. We wish they had more colours, but you can’t go wrong with classic black!

S90 Boxing Gloves

Price: 29.99

Materials: PU Synthetic Leather

Sizes: (8-20) Oz

 Starpro really went all out when constructing these gloves: their Wonder fit and S-flex technology merges together to create a strong, durable product that offers great protection. Its materials are specifically hand-pick, as well as hand stitched to perfection. 

The Hydra flow mesh internal lining in these means a quick-dry experience that allows for a strong grip. A soft polyester lining makes for easy wear. The additional wrist support and strong Velcro closure offer key protection for the wrist and hand. Finally, the S-Flex foam padding has proven to be comfortable and functional, taking on heavy hits and punches with ease.

 Offering a variety of sizes from 8 Oz boxing gloves to 20 Oz, the S90 boxing gloves are inclusive and can be used by beginners, intermediates or pros. Available in red, black and grey, these are a gender-neutral product with a great finish and even better performance.

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