5 Best Boxing Gloves for kids of 2022 Beginner’s Guide

In this contemporary world of gadgets, you are fortunate enough to be part of boxing at your young age. Boxing is one of the oldest sports and introduces your kid to the genuine soul of fair play. Typically it teaches discipline, willpower, and determination. It strengthened with style and became an excellent hobby. The most appealing thing about Combat sports is that it could become an excellent hobby for kids as it instills confidence and physical exercise simultaneously, along with the learning of self-defense.

Selection of Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Besides the interest in boxing, the next thing you have to do is choose the best kid’s boxing gloves. Before signing them up for boxing classes, you need a suitable and durable pair of gloves, which will help avoid injuries and inconvenience while making the training enjoyable. Choosing Boxing sport the right field for kids and engaging them in direction requires investing in the best boxing gloves.

There are overwhelmingly different competitors in the market, which made it difficult to choose a quality product. We will guide you further on how to grab the best deal with online shopping. However, it is very tricky to get the youth boxing gloves online. But one should start their journey with a quality product to be safe. During Combat sports training, kids want the coolest gear with attractive colors. But it is elders we want the product made up of high-quality material.

How do we choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Kids?

Creating a way for your kid to become a bonafide superhero for the future, keep the quality of equipment in your mind. There is a lot to look for the quality Boxing gloves/MMA gear in the market. There are various youth boxing gloves made up of different materials that are currently available. Typically, it is quite tricky to find the perfect boxing gloves for your kids. However, we will try to provide you with extracted information regarding junior boxing gloves. The following criteria to find the right pair of gloves to knockout will help purchase a perfect pair of boxing gloves.

Junior Boxing Glove Size and Weight

The boxing glove size for kids, our experts recommend, is 4 to 6 ounces in weight. Besides all other aspects, we remember that sizing is much different for youth than adults. However, there is always a minor difference between boxing gloves of 11 years old and boxing gloves for 13 years old. Sparring gloves are much more significant as well, but it depends on the training involved. The first consideration while buying boxing gloves is that kids can make a comfortable fist.

Their fingertips can reach the top, and we suppose them to be a tight and comfortable fit. Typical, the fundamental purpose of Boxing gloves is protection. Therefore, they need to extra cushion and close fit their hand wraps. It is a common thought that sizing is essential. Perhaps it could be, but their weight classifies boxing gloves. Heavier gloves offer more protection but slow the movements. Therefore, choose comfortable and practice before sending your kid to the boxing gym with a new pair of boxing gloves.

Boxing Glove Material

Our MMA experts always recommend leather gloves to adults. It is okay to buy synthetic or Maya hides leather gloves for youth. Other than being in real leather, there are many aspects to consider for buying youth boxing gloves. Such mentioned materials make gloves breathable and comfortable for your kids. We have explicitly known that one should buy high-quality boxing gloves along with a flexible strap. A flexible strap will help you make a customizable fit. Besides that, always go for reputable, high-quality products.


We suggest you do homework before buying junior boxing gloves as different pairs of gloves are there for practice. If your kid is going for general training, you need a specific pair of gloves. Combat sports are with more risk of injury, so an enormous range of protective gear is available. You must focus on the interest of your kid and buy multiple pairs accordingly.

We must differentiate whether we are choosing kids gloves for Heavy Bag Training, Sparring, or General Workouts.

While selecting gloves for Heavy Bag Training, keep in mind that the knuckle area should be quality padded. Therefore, it will help to deal while hitting such a heavy touch bag repeatedly.

It required foam padding on the knuckle area to minimize the severe damage and risk of injury during sparing. 

Pair of gloves for General workout is actually for beginners, most likely for child boxing. Eventually, one has to invest in multiple glove pairs.

Colour and Design

We are aware of the fact that color causes emotion and creates an attraction for kids. Choosing the right color according to the choice of your kid is explicitly important. Kids want to look cool by choosing vibrant colors, so help them find the right one. So gloves with multicolor options would be very important to keep kids concentration on sports.

Wrist Support

Your chosen pair of gloves should be immaculate enough that wrist support would be the major feature in the closing mechanism. Make sure that gloves are not uncomfortable and tightly secure. In contemporary gloves, they used Velcro as one can adjust straps on his own. Make sure that your champ is not uncomfortable while adjusting the pair of gloves.

Best Boxing Gloves for kids

Indeed, boxing is one of the motivational and emotional stress management games. To continue your interest in such a physically challenging game, we will guide you to choose the best kids gloves. We will provide you with the details of the top best Boxing Gloves which are currently available.

T20 Kids V-Tech Training Glove
T20 Kids V-Tech Training Glove

4.4 out of 5
Farabi Kids 6-OZ Boxing gloves
Farabi Kids 6-OZ Boxing gloves
4.1 out of 5

RDX R8 6OZ Kids Boxing Gloves
RDX R8 6OZ Kids Boxing Gloves
4.0 out of 5
Starpro T20 V-Tech Training Glove
Starpro T20 V-Tech Training Glove
4.9 out of 5
Farabi Youth Gloves
Farabi Youth Gloves
4.5 out of 5

T20 Kids V-Tech Training Glove

Kid T20 Boxing Gloves

Material: Synthetic Vegan Leather

Size: 4-6 Oz

Here we provide you with detailed descriptions of a magnificent pair of the best boxing gloves. StarPro has used Vegan Leather to give it durability. Premium Synthetic leather composition along with intriguing handwork making it the robust choice. They kept punch speech and reaction time in mind, along with durability.

Usually, these are available in two weights, either 4-ounce version or 6-ounce version. Other key features are PolyMax Grip Control, Polar Cool Mesh, Taffeta Water Proof lining, Moisturiser absorbing dense foam along with Open Cell Foam Protective Cuff. All these mentioned features make its exceptional quality for fighting and sparring.

These are available in six different colors, which are quite appealing for youth. Because of pre-curved two-piece foam padding, kids can use them for punching bags, grappling. They keep punch speech and reaction time and focus pads.

These junior boxing gloves have 360-degree protection that saves knuckles and thumbs from damage. It prevents injuries without compromising on comfort and disperses. Wrist construction is by secure wrap strap closing, which will avoid wrist twisting. Along with this, it is a unisex boxing glove with foam padding, giving an extremely protected shape to hands. Moreover, pricing for boxing gloves under £25 is unapologetically reasonable. While StarPro is providing it at a reasonable price. The top-quality feature of these Youth boxing gloves is moisture-wicking. The moisture-wicking Hydra -Flow making it super soft. It ventilates the inside of the gloves, making it odor-free, fresh performance. 

Farabi Kids 6-OZ Boxing gloves

Kids T20 Boxing Gloves

Material: Hard-K synthetic Leather

Size: 6Oz

The Farabi Fight gear is series sincerely designed for protecting your junior fighters. They made it up of high-quality Hard-K synthetic Leather that gives it durability. Indeed, a renowned brand for its durable products, so with the outstanding quality of boxing gloves.

However, the internal H-J Tri Layered mold provides overall protection. It can resist force impact and dismiss the chances of injury. The only thing that is a little disappointing is that it is available only in a single size 6OZ. So are considered the best boxing gloves for 11 years old. Available in four color options that bring versatility. Besides this, they stitched it with highly advanced Nano-thread duo technology that enhances strength.

It strategically designed them in a way that allows ventilation and keeps the palm dry and cool. Production texture makes the wrist stress-free and helps in wicking the moisture, and has antimicrobial properties. Possess an extended curved F-K padding that provides ultimate protection to your kids. Ultimately, the Swift-Z Velcro closure protects the wrist. The price of these gloves are too quite reasonable.

RDX R8 6OZ Kids Boxing Gloves

Kids T20 Boxing Glove

Material: Maya Hide Leather

Size: 6Oz

These are famous for quality youth Combat Sports gear, as champions always need the best equipment. RDX launched brand new boxing gloves with 6Oounce weight for kids 6 to 11 years old. These new boxing gloves are scientifically sound, durable, and highly recommended with affordability. Its curved design has a volatile impact molecule along with high-tech padding. Eventually, making it to balance and shock and avoid injuries.

Palm safety is the foremost caution, and we factor foam in. More important features are also here:

It is manufactured by Maya Hide Leather, making it durable and practically indestructible. Along with Shell Shock Gel padding in combination with Junior Jack mold. This combination softens the impact of shock, so total hand protection. Nylon mesh palm ventilates heat keeping kids’ hands dry and cool. QD-1 lining wicks away moisture and sweat while Quick-EZ hook-and-loop makes it a comfy fit. These high-quality gloves are available only in one color.

Starpro T20 V-Tech Training Glove

Kids Starpro T20 Boxing Gloves

Material: Synthetic Vegan Leather

Size: 8-16 Oz

If you search for premium quality boxing gloves for your kids, do not look any further. Starpro turns out with the ultimate boxing gloves in multiple sizes. For our junior champions, we have chosen these developed products for many combat sports. Although they came in sizes 8 Ounces and up, we added these gloves for bigger kids. These are the best boxing gloves for even 13 years old.

Synthetic Leather composition, Vegan leather hand-stitched gives it exceptional value and quality. A robust choice for Combat sports as protection and comfort comes together. These are Unisex V-Tech training gloves with piece injection molded foam, designed to enhance endurance. Along with the Polymax Grip Control with amazing punch speed and reaction time. Such features make it risk-free from injury and provide extreme protection. Fully loaded boxing gloves that do not know the meaning of wear and tear are available in eight bright colors.

We provide it with 360-degree protection features that make perfect fist closure. Foam padding keeps knuckles and thumbs safe and shocks absorbent to save hands and wrists from injuries and twisting. Polar-cool mesh along with Moisture Absorbing Defense Foam making it super soft inside. The moisture-wicking Hydra-Flowmesh palm ventilates the inside of gloves. All these amazing characteristics make them fresh and odor-free. Open Cell Foam Protective Cuff makes it secure and wrap-around strap closing.

Farabi Youth Gloves

Farabi Kids Boxing Gloves

Material: Faux Leather

Size: 8Oz

A fantastic treat for beginners, in fact ideally suitable for the child boxer. Our junior champs have the most delicate wrists, so we opt for boxing gloves with adequate protection. A fantastic feature of these gloves is that they absorb shock and are comfortable to wear.

They manufactured it with Synthetic Leather, which gives them exceptional durability—so few concerns about your child’s safety. The mesh material used makes the ventilation and airflow in proportion. It keeps the hands dry and is beneficial against Bacterial diseases, along with a child-friendly design suitable for training sessions.

The material is Breathable ventilated to deal with Bacteria or Fungal issues and keep kids’ hands dry and cool. They manufacture it with shock-absorbing and long-lasting material. But it is for General Training, not for heavy bags or sparring.

Product Name StarproT20 KidsV-Tech Training Gloves Farabi Kids 6-Oz Boxing Gloves RDX R8 6OZ Kids Boxing Gloves Starpro T20 V-Tech Training Gloves Farabi Youth Gloves
Product Material Synthetic Vegan Leather Hard K-Sythetic Leather Maya Hide Leather Synthetic Vegan Leather Faux Leather
Size 4-6 Oz 6 Oz 6 Oz 8-16 Oz 8 Oz


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best Brand of Boxing gloves for Kids?
The first pair of boxing gloves is something that your child will always keep in his memories. After diligence research, we found that the best boxing gloves brands for kids are RDX and Starpro, as they both have a variety in sizes, designs, and colors. High-quality manufacturing material and versatility make it the best choice to go.

How do you choose the best Boxing Gloves for Kids?
Make sure that your kid is comfortable while wearing the gloves. Do homework before placing an order that what gloves your kid wants to put on. Look at the review, image, and details characteristics and keep in mind the purpose of boxing gloves. Try to choose durable, high-quality gear as in Combat sports; injury risk is higher.

What Size Boxing Gloves do kids use?
The right fit is always important as ill-fitting leads to injuries. We have already mentioned that ask your child to put them on and check feasibility. Check the chosen gloves with due diligence regarding feel, fit, and weight. Select the gloves according to the size of your kid’s hands.

Conclusion Words 

We have tried to make you acquainted with the best boxing gloves for kids. We have provided you with the details of sizes, designs, colors, and versatility of boxing gloves. High-quality products which reduce the risk of injuries, adjustability is great and most comfortable for your kids. First, boxing gloves are something that your kid will remember entire life, so before buying, put your diligence into research. We wish the very best to you and your kid in their Combat Sports Journey.

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