Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy bag workout is not a piece of cake as one presumes from one too many fighting movies; it requires focus, dedication and the right boxing gloves to prevent oneself from injuries while freeing one’s mind to train hard for a competition. Lasting longer in the ring is every boxer’s dream: blocking out combo punches, having fast reaction time and landing deadly blows on their opponents is the goal. To be one of the best you have to train like the best and that means having the right gloves for the occasion, gloves that give you a boost of confidence. Choosing the best boxing gloves can be hard, that is why we have outlined our favorite boxing gloves for heavy bag training from newcomer Starpro Combat.

Title: F55 Premium Boxing Gloves

Price: £ 35.99

Material: Cronos Synthetic Leather

Sizes: (8-16 Oz)

What every boxer needs is a game changing strategy that gives him an edge over his opponent. for that they need gloves that give him that level of confidence and the eye of the tiger. Starpro’s F55 premium boxing gloves are those special gloves that change the way the game is playing. making them the best boxing gloves for heavy bag workout. 

F55 Premium Gloves

Dubbed the Iron Fist by its creators, the F55 premium boxing gloves have been constructed using premium japanese leather, preventing creases and lines from ruining its superior look and also offer the best protection for your knuckles and wrist. The S-flex impact technology diverts all the vibration from an impact throughout the gloves thus, protecting your knuckles and hand from any bruises or series injury. The Ergonomic wonder fit shape, keeps your wrist in place and prevents it from getting strained, not to mention it acts as a protective layer for your hand and prevents bruises. Due to its quality and features it is commence for one of the best 14 or 16 oz gloves for heavy bag training.

What better way to describe these boxing gloves other than that they make you feel like you can knock your opponents out in a flash. The F55 premium boxing gloves come with high quality foam that offers unparalleled protection for your hand. The hydra flow mesh inner lining fulfills its purpose of keeping your hand dry and cool with its breathable form that absorbs heat and sweat, making you want to go back for more. The super soft fabric lining combined also keeps your hands cool during a heavy bag workout and keeps you ready for the next round of drills.

You’ve heard the famous lines of, ‘dont judge a book by its cover’, well the F55 premium boxing gloves are an exception. Built for the sole purpose of knocking your opponent out cold and dubbed the Iron fist, these boxing gloves have everything and more when compared with their competition on the market. Crafted from premium quality synthetic leather, these are as durable as they come all while being aesthetically pleasing.

In terms of support, their velcro strap glues the glove to your wrist giving you a comfortable but strong grip so that all you have to do is concentrate on your fight and give it your all. The F55 premium boxing gloves come in two very attractive colours, rose red and black as coal. Theot premium finish gives them a high-end feel that offers both form and function.  The F55 are the best boxing gloves for heavy bag workout that we’ve tried out recently. Their quality and comfort combined with their affordable price point makes them stand out from the competition. Looks like Starpro means business, and we’re here to support them.

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