7 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners Use in 2022

In this contemporary world, here is a time for Combat sports. It is becoming the most thrilling and exciting game of all time. The foremost thing to learn for Combat sport is to throw a powerful punch. To make your punch top-notch, you need to practice. The overall amount of experience you would gain is not enough. However, you can train yourself by training drills and much more. The most important thing you need to learn boxing skills is a pair of the best Boxing Gloves. 

As boxing gloves are designed for a competitive fight practice, hand protection is the principal target. Boxing gloves contain more than sufficient cushioning to deal with the high impact of punches with no Hurt. Hand protection is the priority and to get a successful training session. Uncomfortable boxing gloves can disturb the regular and safe training session.

We must mention here that Boxing gloves are equally essential for all kinds of strikers. The purpose behind using boxing gloves is to take enough power out of a full-power punch. Boxing gloves are not specific to boxers; these are equally important for Muay Thai Fighter, MMA fighters, or any Karate practitioner. Henceforth, choosing a pair of best boxing gloves from an ocean of the market is quite tricky. We will provide you with some details extracted by our professionals to analyze what you want before buying. 

Types of Boxing Gloves 

Bag Gloves

Boxers use bag gloves; in fact, boxing gloves are bag gloves. Bag gloves can be used virtually for any aspect of training as they will help beginners learn techniques. They base their manufacturing on padding for a punching bag and keeping hands protected. 

Sparring Gloves

Sparring Gloves are designed to protect both your hands and your opponent both. They need a lot more padding to avoid hurt and ensure maximum protection. They usually weigh it in 16–18 Oz to swing faster and make faster hits. Generally, sparring gloves are softer and massive and feel lighter than other gloves. 

Amateur Competition Gloves

These gloves are designed for amateur Boxing matches. These gloves are for performance and are generally given to the fighters by the hosts of the fight. 

Professional Competition Gloves

These gloves are not for beginners, and their need comes at a later stage. Professional Competition gloves have less padding than Amateur Gloves. Their weight and type depend on the type of fight.

Muay Thai Gloves

Typically, light weighted and small gloves for grabbing and clinching. These are for beginners who are training in kickboxing. 

MMA Gloves

It provides minimalist protection and is mostly in place to protect the hands. These are nothing like boxing gloves and are used in MMA competitions. 

Essential factors while choosing the Right Boxing Gloves

  • Sizes of Gloves

We will provide you with a helpful guide for Gloves size, which is based on various factors. The essential factors that affect the size of the gloves are Fighter Size, Glove type, Fighting Organization, and the playing competition. 

Your body weight is the crucial factor that determines the glove weight. Training boxing gloves tend to be heavier, and body weight affects them directly. The boxing gloves are for beginner’s Use; that’s why heavy to keep you and your partner safe from any injury. The sizes and weights vary and directly depend on glove sub-type, criteria, and competition. It is always a great idea to research sizes before buying a suitable pair of gloves. 

Fighter Weight Training Gloves Size Sparring Gloves Size
Adults – under 120lb 10 Oz 12 – 14 Oz
120lb – 150lb 12 –14 Oz 14 – 16 Oz
150lb – 180lb 14 – 16 Oz 16 – 18 Oz
More than 180lb 16 – 18 Oz 18 – 20 Oz

Important factors before buying Boxing Gloves

Our professionals have expert opinions about boxing gloves for beginners’ use, which will help you choose the right pair. 

Durable Outer Layer

It’s the first and foremost feature, usually made up of faux leather material as genuine Leather could be significantly expensive. 

Faux Leather is durable and well maintained to practice high-impact punches. Boxing gloves must have precise and robust stitching. Faux Leather outer is easy to maintain, and one can rub off dirt and dust. 

Sufficient Padding

An essential component of boxing gloves is perhaps padding. It protects hands from injuries and throws powerful punches before choosing the best pair of boxing gloves, at least a triple-layered foam padding that provide cushion and safety. 

Some gloves are gel-infused padding for extra cushioning and safety. However, beginners do not need such high-level features of getting padding. 

Mellow Inner Lining

Make sure that the inner lining is comfortable and favorable for your skin.  The boxing gloves you choose must have a soft inner lining as uncomfortable lining cause friction. 


They must manufacture boxing gloves with the material that airs out to prevent sweat and odor inside. Some of the renowned manufacturers are offering mesh layers to dispel sweat and bacterial or fungal action. 

One can feel comfortable if the hands are relaxed and sufficiently dry during practice thrills. 

Pre-Curved Design

A variety of gloves are available in the market, offering a pre-curved shape. Boxing gloves with such a feature fit perfectly over hands. Because of this aspect, fixed position and deliver powerful and accurate punches with superior player performance. 

Wrist Support

Wrist Support is a salient feature of any pair of best boxing gloves that protect hands and wrists against damage. To deal with the shock waves and keep the wrist stable and minimize the risk of hurt. 

To provide adequate wrist support due to hook-and-loop closure. It will help to secure your wrist by adjusting and providing a secure fit during punching drills. Padded straps will provide an additional layer of safety. 


The color of your boxing gloves will impact your persona as a fighter. Anyone chooses color according to their fighting style. For an aggressive fighter, there are colors like yellow, red and golden. A strategic fighter will choose off and cool colors like orange and blue. It’s not a compulsion but just a choice. 

Closing Mechanism

The best boxing gloves for beginners have hook-and-loop strap closure to adjust. This closing mechanism makes gloves most friendly and easy to wear. Some modified gloves also come with a Velcro strap which is even the most comfortable thing. 

Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

To achieve your goals as an excellent boxer, you need several training hours and training drills. Without a suitable pair of boxing gloves, one cannot sustain injury or strain. To learn a proper punching technique must focus on essential factors before settling on a pair. 

RDX boxing glove
4.0 out of 5
Combat Series Gloves Royal
Best combat series boxing glove
4.1 out of 5

Farabi focus gloves
4.1 out of 5
Geezers Hammer Boxing Gloves
Best Geezers hammer boxing glove
3.9 out of 5
StarPro Junior Pro Glove
Best Junior Boxing Glove
4.9 out of 5

S90 Boxing Glove
S90 boxing glove
4.9 out of 5
Farabi Boxing Glove
S90 boxing glove
4.3 out of 5

We will guide you on which boxing gloves are best for beginners. Typically, they are made up of solid material quality, durable construction, sufficient padding, and hand and wrist protection. The best fit options for you are available in various sizes.


RDX Boxing Glove

Material: ConvEX Skin Combat Leather
Size: 10–16 Oz
Availability: Black Color 

  • Such innovative boxing gloves are layered with innovative ConvEX Skin Combat Leather outer. Best resistant, durable, and indestructible, and Quadro-Dome mold disperses force.
  • EVA padding is shock resistant, and its multiple layers and this XFOAM palm cushions against heavy shock.
  • Nylon mesh palm and inner antimicrobial lining make your hands fresh and bacteria-free. And its inner lining wicks away sweat and keeps hands clean.
  • Quick EZ hook-and-loop provides extra support and alignment to the wrist and secure wear.

Junior Pro Glove

Best Junior Boxing Glove

Material: Leather-like
Size: 4 – 6 Oz
Availability: Black Color.

  • Starpro Kids Fitness Boxing Gloves, a perfect choice to improve fitness level after training drills.
  • A quality pair of gloves to deal with the opponent but keeping safety in mind.
  • The ability of shock repulsion due to foam padding is indeed the best protection for kids.
  • Manufactured by Leather material that ensures optimal performance.
  • These Fitness Boxing Gloves are very comfortable to wear with elastic stretched cuffs.

Geezers Hammer Training/ Spar Boxing Gloves

Best Geezers hammer boxing glove

Material: Premium Genuine Leather
Size:12–20 Oz
Availability: In multi-colors.

  • Geezer Hammer Training/Spar Boxing Gloves manufactured from the finest quality genuine leather.
  • Ergonomically designed to enhance super-fit ability, it has layered foam padding that provides excellent protection.
  • This advanced foam padding features gloves to use during sparring drills and punchbag sessions.
  • Wrap around Velcro fastening is for wrist support and comfort.
  • An exclusive, fit and feel a kind of treat.

T20 Kids V-Tech Training Kids

Best T20 Boxing Glove

Material: Vegan Leather
Size: 4-6 Oz
Availability: Multicolor 

  • Starpro V-Tech Training Gloves functionally meets style and comfort together. Vegan Leather outer material designs explicitly to boost your endurance, reaction time, and punch speed.
  • Resilient foam padding that provides extreme protection and contours the shape of your hand.
  • These gloves are durable, and they do not know the meaning of wear and tear in real life.
  • Synthetic Leather composition and hand stitching make it a robust choice with exceptional quality.
  • Including unique features, the pair of these gloves are fully loaded.
  • Pre-curved twice foam padding gives an ultimate fist closure and protects the knuckles and thumbs.
  • It comports and disperses the shock to keep hands safe and reduce the risk of injury.
  • A secure wrap strap closing with the feature of an open-cell foam Protective cuff will help to stabilize the wrist and avoid twisting.
  • Moisture absorbing dense foam that will keep your hands dry and cool.

Combat Series Gloves Royal/Black

Best combat series boxing glove

Material: Synthetic Leather
Size: 10 – 16 Oz
Availability: Multicolor

  • The most innovative Combat series range and super-durable construction with Synthetic Leather give a soft touch.
  • Brand new hand mold, state-of-the-art, layered cell foam padding giving a superior hand molded fit.
  • Hard-wearing inner lining with a new hand mold technology provides unparalleled comfort; with hand shape and improved fingertip contouring.
  • Moisture-wicking inner lining vented palm panels and cross strap wrist closure keeps hands dry and odor-free.

S90 Training Boxing Gloves

S90 boxing Glove

Material: Synthetic Low-scar Leather
Size: 10–18 Oz
Availability: Black, White, and Blue.

  • The Starpro S90 are ideal training partners with high-quality raw materials like synthetic low-scar leather manufacturing.
  • Dense foam padding and strong seams make it durable and resilient.
  • An innovative hydra flow net on the inner hand enhances wearing time by keeping hands dry and cool.
  • Hook and loop strap with 8cm wide circumference that gives additional stability of the wrist.
  • S90 Aero-Tech punching bag gloves provide ultimate protection and comfort. They fasten injection Moulded Foam with thumb fastening to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Inner Hydra Flow network will ensure sweat-free training drills.

Farabi coaching mitts focus gloves for Training, Punching and Kick Boxing.

Best farabi boxing glove

Material: Genuine Grain Leather
Size: 14 Oz
Availability: Black

  • The company manufactures it with Genuine Grain Leather that provides high tensile strength, usability, and durability.
  • A natural fiber acts as natural skin, making these gloves for beginner’s use highly recommended for prolonged training sessions.
  • Advanced JK-Padding mechanism minimizes the extra burden and introduces a balanced punch.
  • GMB-Defense system makes it strikingly impressive for intensive training.
  • Advanced anti-microbial treatment ensures increased hygiene efficiency.
  • Highly padded gives protection to knuckles from hurt.
  • Balanced weight with quick reflexes.
  • Advances stitching makes these versatile Farabi coaching mitts in shape and for prolonged use.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques make it easy to take on and off.
  • It is ideal for Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Heavy Punching bag workouts.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What weight boxing glove should a beginner use?
One must focus on lightweight training gloves, most probably between 12–14 Oz. A pair of gloves with this weight is an optimal choice.

What is better, Lace or Velcro, for a pair of Training Gloves?
Typically, Velcro is recommended for starting, easy to take off, and on. While laces are for more advanced practitioners as they are difficult to remove. 

What do I need to buy as a beginner?
As a beginner, you need to buy a pair of the best boxing gloves, several pairs of wraps. 

Conclusion Note

Do the research and get insights on choosing suitable boxing gloves. Genuine Leather is a superior option; however, modern synthetic Leather and Microfiber leather offer durability, breath ability, and affordability. Must check high-quality foam padding for intensive training drills with the lowest risk of hurt. The layers of foam padding will absorb impact and provide protection. Mainly go for the features like Wrist support, hand protection, durability, and long-lasting comfort.

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