Best Boxing Gloves and Punching Bag set: StarPro vs. RDX

There are various combat gear and fitness brands globally that offer a wide range of Boxing equipment and multiple bundles offers. Therefore, it is challenging for a beginner to find genuine and high-quality equipment with affordability. Consequently, we will provide you with a guide on choosing suitable boxing gloves and punching bags with all of particular aspects and comparisons among our selected equipment.  

Before starting your training, it is very peculiar that punching bags are not only for professionals but also for trainers. Boxing Gloves and punching bag workout is beneficial in building strength physically and mentally both. One can de-stress simultaneously by practicing along with agility and Cardiovascular endurance. A high-quality pair of boxing gloves are compulsory to practice on a punching bag and throw accurate punches without any injury. Generally, Boxing Gloves and Punching bag come in bundle offers as they work all together. Boxing equipment includes Hand wraps, Boxing Hamlets, Boxing Gloves, Punching Bags, etc. Moreover, before choosing, we must focus that the equipment you buy matches your personal fitness goals, is easy to use, and is generally affordable. Please keep reading to know more about the best Boxing Gloves and punching bag sets and our top picks regarding this equipment.  

How to choose the right Punching Bag  

Typically, check the manufacturing material of the Punching bag whether it gives durability and robust and stable resistance to cracking. Be very careful about the filling of punching bags, as they should be elastic, resilient with a quick rebound. High-quality, seamless sewing to ensure toughness, with different sizes and weights, depends on your choice. Usually, it comes with attached chains to suspend with roof or wall mounts, so the bag can move at 360-degree and avoid knotting. Keep an eye on various sizes and weights according to your choice, skill level, and boxer’s weight.  

How to choose the suitable Boxing Gloves 

To choose suitable gloves, one must measure your hand circumference and body weight. Keep in mind that quality boxing gloves give your hands comfortable, snug, and protective during training. Boxing Gloves work best if they are correctly sized according to various boxing styles.  

StarPro Premier Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, and Punching Bag  

A fantastic bundle offers by StarPro Combat Gear, with an ideal balance of power and protection.  

Manufacturing Material of Boxing Gloves:

They are built with Genuine Leather, a pro-sparring glove with a great fit. In addition, many competition gloves are used in intense sparring sessions.  

Sizes: 80z, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 160z 

Colors: Black, Maroon/Black. 

Essential features: 

  • Power Grip Training Gloves
  • Cut-n-Cut PU embossed patch makes it the best suitable sparring glove.
  • It is added with multilayer foam padding that ensures ultimate protection.
  • It comes with seamless sewing with inside lining of soft glory of hand-molded foam and genuine leather in the thumb and hitting area for ultimate protection.
  • Leather-like MG-247 micro-fiber that provides high strength and stability during an intense workout.

Punching Bag:  

It comes with durability, resistance, and the benefits of heavy training.  

Manufacturing Material: They are Made up of 1.2 mm thick PVC artificial leather giving it long-lasting durability.  

Color: Black 

Size and Weight:

Size Weight
90x30cm (3-ft) 19kg
120x33cm (4-ft) 28kg
180x30cm (6-ft) 40kg

Premium Quality: It comes with textile cuttings filling only with auto-locking slider zipper and retainer box packing. It ensures international quality and safety standards through the rigorous scanning procedure. 

Special Features: 

  • It comes with all the accessories for hanging.
  • Textile Cutting filling in PVC leather.
  • As it Ensures excellent performance due to its durable and resilient features.
  • A fantastic piece for beginners and amateur boxers.

StarPro Premier Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps

RDX X1 4ft / 5ft 8-in-1 Heavy Boxing Punch Bag and Gloves set 

The most fantastic RDX Bundle offers combat gear to deal with all your training needs. A complete set of equipment with exclusive 8-piece boxing set that you need in your home or gym.

Punch Bag Material: Made up of Maya Hide Leather with zero impact G force to give outstanding feel and durability. 

Accessories: Heavy gauge Welded D-ring with four heavy-duty suspension chains to enhance striking abilities and strengthen quickness. Moreover, rust-proof ceiling hooks with all the necessary screws, bolts, along with fixers and fittings. 

Options Available: It comes in both options, filled and unfilled, while the pre-filled punch bags weights are given here!

Size Weight
4ft 18-20 kg (Max 40-50 Kg Capacity)
5ft Approx. 20-25 Kg (Max 50-60 Kg Capacity)

Boxing Gloves: The maya hide leather boxing gloves that comes with gel foam padding with long-lasting durability.

Size: 12oz,16oz

Fighter weight (In Pounds) Fighter Weight (In KG) Glove Weight
114-140 LBS 52-64 KG 12oz
161-180 LBS 74-82 KG 16oz

Special Features:  

  • Two layers of foam padding to deal with shock impact.
  • Machine-made interior and polygonal fusion foam for heavy shock absorption.
  • A highly compressed layer of DenZo-Tron foam that ensures impact resistance and durability.
  • Blacktop spongy laminated fabric to add durability and strength.
  • The advanced line of Infused shock dispersion sheet dissipates the shock impact.
  • Eva-Lution sheet that distributes even impact across the surface.
  • EZ-Grip Technology for wrist stability and easy adjustability.

RDX X1 4ft / 5ft 8-in-1 Heavy Boxing Punch Bag

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