Best Boxing Gloves and Pads for Kids in 2022 – Buying Guide

If you are a beginner at Boxing, you need to find the best boxing gloves and pads for kids that seem pretty daunting. This Boxing equipment for beginners is necessary to minimize punch’s impact and the risk of injuries. Therefore, there are overwhelmingly different Boxing Gloves and Boxing pads and various confusing sizing. In addition, these gloves and pads come in numerous materials, weights designs for different purposes, so it is very important to understand all of these aspects. 

If we talk about Boxing, the oldest sport, and could become an excellent hobby for kids as it is a fantastic physical exercise that instils confidence. Moreover, it teaches willpower, determination, discipline, and self-defence learning. So, if you are looking for the best Boxing gloves and Pads for kids in 2022, you have come to the right place; we will guide you according to your budget and needs. However, it is not easy to find quality products, but one must start their combat sports journey with the best products to be safe. As adults, we usually focus on material while kids want the coolest gear, so we have enlisted some of the products by keeping all these aspects in mind. 

How to Choose the Right Boxing Gloves and Boxing Pads for Kids

Choosing your gloves and boxing pads depends on what activities you will be doing. As we all know, these are the essential gear of Boxing, and due to their importance, they must consider the essential factors while choosing gloves and pads. Although there are several boxing sports, the real deal is enjoying punching. The main criteria for choosing boxing Gloves or Boxing pads are quality and comfort, style, protection, and durability. It depends on the use and need of equipment; it depends on the level of the boxers and their preferences. 

Gloves and Pads Buying Guide

Types of Gloves:

There are various categories of gloves with the needs of their strengths and applications:

All-Purpose Training Gloves: These gloves are designed for punching bags or sparring partners, as they usually come with wrist support and plush padding for intense training sessions. Bit heavier than normal as their weight provides a good workout. Training gloves are quite amicable for beginners due to their universally applicable nature and friendliness. 

Bag Gloves: Bag gloves are quite similar to training gloves, although there is no heavy padding, but less and more convenient padding. But for numerous conditionings, training gloves are indeed a good idea. However, bag gloves provide an excellent workout while keeping your wrists safe with proper support. These are made up for lengthy sessions and last during long day workouts.

Sparring Gloves: These gloves are the middle ground between training and competition gloves with enough padding and support. These gloves are heavier and most recommended for spars and fights while training. It will help you train well, and after that, when in a real fight, you will use lightweight gloves that will impact more punches. 

Competitions Gloves: These gloves are unique due to their minimal padding design and are best suited for short matches. It is not recommended for training as skill gain and strength are needed before entering your first fight. 

Size and weight 

According to the experts, the boxing glove size for kids is 4 – 6 oz in weight as we know that sizing is much different from youth to adults. The most important aspect while buying gloves for kids is that they can make a comfortable fist. The snug fit well, and their fingers reach the top easily. The fundamental need for gloves is to protect and minimize the risk of injury. Hands are the most delicate part of the human body, and kids’ hands are even fragile, so an extra cushion is needed. Although sizing is essential, weight classifies boxing gloves. Moreover, heavier gloves offer more protection but slow the movement, so always choose the right fit for your kids. 


Our experts have concluded that Synthetic or Maya Hide Leather gloves are specified for youth, while leather is recommended for adults. Furthermore, it is quite explicit that we must buy high-quality gloves with a flexible strap and the material should be breathable and comfortable. 

Wrist Support

Choose the gloves with excellent wrist support and a comfortable closing mechanism. Be assured of comfort; in fact, try to choose Velcro as adjustable straps as there would be no uncomfortable feelings while adjusting the gloves. 


Kids are always conscious about the designs and styles, as they feel attraction through dominating colours. So, while purchasing gloves, kids’ choice is explicitly important as they want to look cool and vibrant colours will keep their concentration in sports. 

Boxing Pads:  

There are various types of Boxing pads even, as in any striking martial art, using pads is a way to replicate a real fight. Therefore, boxing Pads will help to increase your accuracy, speed, consistency and technique. We must mention here that Boxing Pads for Kids are important for fighters as for punchers; therefore, they work as defensive for fighters and improve blocking accuracy. 

key features:

Durability: Manufacturing material should be leather as it is long-lasting if kept with care, rather than any vinyl. It is resistant to strains and prone to chipping and cracking. 

Weight: We recommend lightweight pads to increase speed and movement, but you usually choose them based on regular transport. 

Comfort: Some of the Boxing Pads for Kids include premium padding and foam for wearer and puncher comfort. And the mesh fabric helps to increase airflow along with the decrease in sweating. Moreover, finger channels to fit the pads comfortably and retention of control and the curved designs for wearers to block punches. 

Check out our best selling and in-demand Boxing Gloves and Boxing Pads for Kids in 2022 and pick the best for you. 

StarPro T20 Kids Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitt

Material: Vegan Leather

Usage: Training

Size: 4-6 oz 

Colours: Black, Orange, Red, Solar Blue, Shock Pink and Light Pink.

Key Features: injected moulded foam, Polymax Grip Control, Polar-cool mesh, Moisture absorbing dense foam, Protective cuff, 360-degree Protection, Moisture-wicking hydra-flow mesh. 

StarPro Ultimate training gloves for all levels and abilities to make you become your absolute best. T20 V-Tech Training Gloves where functionality meets style alone with comfort and protection. 

These gloves are designed to boost your endurance, punch speed and reaction time, along with resilient foam padding that ensures extreme protection to your hands. 

Superior quality featuring durability makes it a robust choice, along with exceptional quality and value of money. 

Fully loaded with special features, with pre-curved two-piece foam padding for fist closure. Proper padding that ensures protection for knuckles and thumb and disperses shock impact. 

A secure wrap strap closing to avoid wrist-twisting, along with a 360-degree protection feature. 

The Moisture-wicking Hydra-flow mesh palm inside keeps your hands fresh and odour-free as it is breathable and help in ventilation. 

Starpro T20 Glove and Pads

RDX J12 Kids 6oz Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads set

Material: Combat Leather

Usage: Training

Colours: Various colours

Key Features: shock busting inner design, ConveX Combat leather manufacturing, Breathable design, EVA-LUTION foam padding, Nylon Mesh Gloves palm. 

These perfect junior boxing gloves and focus pads for kids are left with no feature unattended. In addition, a unique manufacturing design encapsulates shock busting inners’ range to absorb the nastiest punch impacts. 

Durability and long-lasting effects make it the best pick for the round over round training sessions and still make you feel fresh. 

To feel fresh, a breathable design that replaces warm Moisture and ensures cooler air to keep your hands fresh and odour-free. 

Pre-curved shock buster glove forms a protective form of a fist, and focus foam padding with EVA-LUTION formula makes it firm and shock absorbent. 

Moreover, Nylon Mesh gloves, palms and rear pads give you a fresher experience by keeping your hands cool and dry. 

RDX Boxing Glove and Pads

StarPro C20 Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts

Manufacturing Material: PU Leather 

Usage: Boxing, MMA, Sparring, Training, Kickboxing, Muay Thai

Colours: Black

Key Feature: Multi-density foam, Breathable mesh with superior comfort, Taffeta Lining, Pre-curved Anatomic hand design, Hydra-flow mesh palm, Wrap Strap Closing.

This Strap boxing equipment is made up of quality PU Durate Leather is a combination of durability and performance which is easy to clean and maintain. 

Multi-density foam comes with shock absorption quality and wrist stability to throw punches, which ensures support and protection. 

Breathable mesh with taffeta lining inside does not allow sweat to absorb, making maintenance easy while keeping hands dry and cool.

A pre-curved design allows proper fist closure and anatomic hand design to maintain focus while training. 

Hydra flow sweat-wicking mesh palm helps keep your hands cool and dry during training sessions, indeed an affordable and reliable choice within the price you deserve. 

Along with various features, it comes with a wrap strap closing that avoids wrist-twisting and a good grip for an efficient workout session. 

Starpro C20 Boxing Glove and Pads

Adidas Kids Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts Set

Manufacturing Material: Artificial Leather

Usage: Home Training

Colours: Blue

Key Features: Lightweight for robust performance, padded foam for protection, mesh palm sweat-wicking. 

An ideal pick for beginners who are stepping into the versatile sport of Boxing, in fact, a combination of everything you need to get going.  

These Adidas Kids Boxing Gloves and Focus Mitts Set are made up of artificial leather, making it durable enough that it never knows wear and tear feature.

Lightweight makes it comfortable, enhances accuracy and movement, and ensures resilient performances. 

Padded foam will enhance durability and ultimate shock absorption that ensures ultimate protection. It also dissipates the impact of punch and gives a proper defence. 

Mesh palm sweat-wicking to increase ventilation that eventually provides comfort while keeping your hands cool and dry. 

Adidas Boxing Gloves and Pads

StarPro Junior Pro Boxing Gloves and C20 Focus Mitt

Manufacturing Material: Leather Like Material

Usage: Training and Sparring 

Colour: Black

Key Features: Shock Repulsion foam padding, Elastic Stretched Cuff, Technical Specifications.

Kid’s fitness boxing gloves ensures optimal performance, which is a perfect choice that drastically improves fitness level. 

A quality pair of gloves gives some good blows, and one can train professionally without the fear of injury, along with the protection for your hands and knuckles with shock repulsion foam padding. 

It comes with technical specifications, which is an ideal choice for kids. 

Foam padding ensures protection and keeps you safe from injuries and bruises. 

Made up of Leather-like material, it is resilient enough and durable for intense workout sessions. 

This combat equipment is comfortable enough to wear with a wide elastic stretched cuff. 

Starpro Glove and Pads

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Boxing Gloves are good for kids?

Those gloves that cover kids’ fists comfortably and allow movement are best for kids.

What Boxing Gloves are good for ten years old?

Usually, the best size for kids is 4-8 oz but we will recommend 12oz boxing gloves are for 10 years old to keep the stance of slightly heavier gloves with extra padding and ensure protection.

What are Junior Boxing Gloves size charts and measurement guides?

6-8 oz boxing gloves are a perfect fit for ages 8-14 and a high-school kid wears a glove between 10 ½ to 11 ½ inches.

A Final Note: 

The StarPro Combat gear offers excellent hand protection with several technical specifications. So always figure out a robust choice with durability, comfort, resilience and all-around features along with optimal protection. 

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