Best Boxing Combos with Slips to Help You Win

Seasoned fighters are familiar with the slip: in boxing, a slip is a defensive move that can take ages to perfect. The reason for this is timing. It involves ‘slipping’ out of the way when a punch is incoming. You need to make sure you’re throwing in that slip at the exact right time and place, that time being right before the punch and the place being close enough to land a counter punch.  

How to do a slip

The way to slip a punch is to move slightly out of the way of your opponent’s fist. This isn’t done using your back, as that takes you too far. A slip has to take place using your legs: lowering the legs slightly is just the amount of movement needed for this maneuver. Next, rotate your body (the direction depends on the style you fight.) Lean in to your dominant leg, resting your weight there. As you do this, pivot your rear foot in a way that mimics your body’s movement. Slips should be used for your opponent’s heavier punches, as this helps to exhaust them and gives you a better chance of getting a counter-punch in.  

Let’s do a little recap for basic boxing moves that you can incorporate with slips:


  • Get into your fighting stance, then lift your back heel, keeping your hips stable 
  • Extend your front arm fast, simultaneously stepping forward with your front foot 
  • Bring your fist back to where it started 


  • Start out at your basic fighting stance, and then position yourself so that most of your weight is on your front foot 
  • Use your dominant hand to punch, extending your arm forward. While this happens, use your back foot to pivot your hips forward 
  • Get back into the starting position 


  • Start out in your fighting stance 
  • Slightly lift your rear heel, and concentrate your weight in the ball of your foot 
  • Bend your elbow 90 degrees, and punch out with your non-dominant hand. This movement should straighten your arm perpendicular to your shoulders 
  • Turn both your feet in the opposite direction, towards your dominant side 
  • Simultaneously bring your front heel up and your rear heel down, moving your hips in tandem with your feet 

Upper Cut 

  • Start in the basic stance with your back heel slightly lifted. Your weight should be balanced mostly on your front foot 
  • Use the front of your back foot for turning, and turn your hips forward 
  • At the same time, bring your dominant hand up, keeping your elbow bent 
  • The punch should come from underneath and be angled to hit the center of your opponent’s jaw 

The Best Boxing Combinations With Slips 

Jab – Cross – Hook – Slip – Hook 

Begin this combination by unleashing your jab: pivot your hips and hit hard with your dominant hand. Then keep the same hand firmly near your chin at the same time as you turn on your lead foot to throw a hook before slipping. This positions you in a way that will help your final hook of the combination leave an impression, all while being in perfect range. 

Jab – Cross – Slip – Cross 

This classic combo begins with a fast jab and cross and leads into a slip. During the slip, gather the power from your hips and push that kinetic energy into your dominant hand for an impactful cross. The slip will help you keep safe from your opponent’s counter while loading up a heavy counter cross of your own.  

Slip – Uppercut – Cross – Hook 

This combination is for that coveted KO punch. It makes the process of confusing your opponent simpler because of multi-directional punches, making the last hook hit hard. Start when your opponent throws a jab or a cross at you, and then slip in the direction of your dominant hand. Then use your dominant hand for an uppercut to the head, and chase it up with a cross and strong hook. The last punch is where you should be employing your strength. 

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