7 Best Boxing combinations with pads 2021

Training with focus mitts is leveling up when you’re a fighter; while heavy bag training has its merits in terms of building up muscle and power, focus mitts help you tune your natural reflexes to a T. In terms of technique, these are all about teaching you proper punching and defense, and all with a live opponent who moves and coaxes you to be your best. In this, it is as par with sparring, but with a greater propensity for producing teachable moments.  

The benefits of focus pad training go beyond punching hard and fast: these go above and beyond, teaching you style, timing, rhythm, and most importantly, accuracy. This multitasking training tool will really show you how to land those punches. All this to say, if you’re not focusing on focus pad training, you’re losing out. 

How to pick your mitt holder

If training with focus mitts seems hard, holding the focus mitts takes even more finesse. Getting you to perfect your positions and angles and develop your fighting style is no small feat. Your mitt holder has to have the intuitive reflexes to be able to hold the mitt in the right place at the right time. Someone who naturally understands your speed and timing well enough to let you hit some fast combinations seamlessly is doing things right. Feedback on your style, tendencies and weak spots is also a must: the mitt holder must make note of these things about their fighter to help them improve and grow. 

The best boxing drills with mitts  

Now that you know why pad work is so important, it’s on to the drills. These combinations will help you ace training as they translate smoothly into the ring. Try these with your focus pad holder to get the most out of your time: 

Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross 

Use this four punch combo to your advantage: hit that jab, then use your hips to power your right hand. Keeping your right hand by your chin, hit that left hook. Keep your hips in position for a power-packed cross to finish. 


Right Uppercut, Left Hook 

This one’s great for close range training. It’s the kind of combo you want to throw when you’ve got your opponent backed into a corner. Visualise that and work it on the pads. You don’t have range for straight punches in that position, so you’d want a swift short range combo that works. Get your hips locked and loaded and through a hefty right undercut, but save the real power for a K.O. left hook. 


Jab, Cross, Uppercut 

Throw a jab and follow it up immediately with a right cross. This should position your hips to pivot and power your left hand for a strong uppercut. 

Jab, Cross, Hook, Weave, Hook 

Hit a triple punch combo: jab, cross, hook, and then weave to avoid your pad holder’s hit. Keep your hips towards the left after your weave. Shift your weight on your left foot and throw that hook! 

Jab Head, Jab Body 

Throw a harsh jab and then follow it up immediately with another. The second jab should be aimed towards the opponent’s torso. The aim of using that first jab is distraction: it makes your opponent think you’re hitting high, and that’s where their hands go. This leaves their torso open for a relatively easier hit with the useful element of surprise. 

Right Body Hook, Right Uppercut 

You should always have a rear hand combo in your pocket to give yourself some range when you’re fighting up close.  Use the right body hook to bring their focus down low. And save the real power for the surprise right uppercut at the end. 

Jab, Cross, Slip, Cross 

This combo will help you practice those slips: start out with a jab and cross combo. Then follow it up fast with a slip to the inside as you load your hips up to launch a right cross. This one’s to practice evading your opponent’s counter-punch, and then getting your own in. 

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