7 Best Boxing Clubs in Manchester 2022

Are you new to boxing? Or are you looking for Boxing Club in Manchester for a workout in 2022 with a right equipment? Boxing is deeply engraved in Manchester history, so that we will discuss the top boxing clubs in Manchester. We have enlisted some of the boxing clubs with maximum benefits from social and competitive dimensions. There are plenty of Boxing clubs, and choose according to your experience level and personal situation can be a little tricky. We have reviewed some of the best boxing clubs in Manchester here; check out!

Elite Boxing Gym

Elite Boxing gym is in Bolton, Greater Manchester, one of the leading clubs in the UK. a perfect choice for flexible working hours with higher levels of training and professionalism. Their friendly and qualified boxing coaches help to eliminate bad habits and optimize time in the gym. They understand the difficulties of anyone that comes getting into the ring. Elite Boxing gym provides classes six days a week that covers nutrition to body transformation. It is fully equipped and an opportunity for you to find the right training and meet the plans you want to gain from their sessions. Visit their website for further information. 

Elite Boxing Gym

MTK Manchester

MTK is a globally renowned professional boxing gym, so it trains fighters from all over the world. With highly experienced MMA fighters as coaches, MTK has vast experience to offer you extensive pieces of training for amateurs and professional boxers. Over the years, MTK has created champion fighters, which makes it the best professional institute in Manchester to go. MTK is passionate about the development of the next generation of fighters with a pro-level of competition. Moreover, we can see great reviews online, along with a list of accomplishments. With the help of coaches with years of experience, fighters can get a great combat sports career. To know more about it, click here!


Salford Lads Club

Salford Lads Club has 100 years of prestigious experience in training many young boxers. It is a fantastic platform for local youth in sports and arts, funded and supported by a range of charities. It provides boxing and kickboxing training to children of all gender and ages without any difference, although initially, it was just for boys. They even arrange purpose-built campaigns to learn life experiences. To learn more about this ancient classical club, visit their website

Salford Lads Club

Moss Side Boxing Club

As depicted by its name, it is a Professional Boxing camp based in Moss Side Manchester and affiliated with the Amateur Boxing Association. It is the most appropriate place for professional and amateur boxers, and most of the members are into intensive fitness training. Moss Side Boxing Club has chosen coaches based on their expertise, related qualifications, and licenses. They started it years ago to motivate people toward a successful life and train them to become professional boxers. Click here to know more!

Moss side Boxing Club

Mancunian Boxing Club

Mancunian Boxing Club is located in Western St, Ardwick that is 10 minutes outside the city Centre. It comes with the safest environment for beginners and competitive boxers for training and competing in Amateur, Professional, and White-Collar Boxing. This is a well-equipped platform for group boxing classes and personal coaching for fighters. It works well to improve the skills of Boxers; for further benefits, check their website. 

Manucunian Boxing club

Bells Boxing and Fitness

Bells Boxing and Fitness is indeed an amazing class-based gym that is based in Altrincham. This unique fitness gym comes with a wide range of professionals with noteworthy boxing experience. Despite your skill level and age, Bells Boxing and Fitness provide your classes along with fitness goals for every individual. They provide you with techniques and boxing training to enhance your fitness level and overall wellbeing. To get into shape or train to be a boxer, they have come with fitness programs that make it one of the well-respected boxing gyms. Moreover, it comes with a family-friendly atmosphere; to know more about their services, click here

Bells Boxing Club

Oldham Boxing Club

Oldham Boxing Club is enriched with a unique heritage while equipped with the latest boxing and fitness equipment. It has a history of producing numerous national and regional champions. Moreover, it comes with a safe environment for youth and learning to develop their boxing skills. This boxing Centre is much more than a boxing gym as it welcomes everyone without considering their experience and background, making it a community project. Along with plenty of room to work out, some experienced coaches will guide you. To know more about their business, check the website

Oldham Boxing Club

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