7 Best Boxing Clubs in London 2022

Boxing is a form of great exercise for anyone’s mental resilience and losing weight. We must mention here that Boxing is much more than a thrilling combat sport. You need not box professionally to get the benefits of Boxing, and it just needs a passion for trying something beyond your comfort zone. 

All you need is passion and a place for training for this unmatched sport. Nonetheless, it is a full-body workout that can benefit you to build muscles, increase stamina, lose fats, or be a fitness sport. All we need is a boxing gym to train, which must be welcoming and non-intimidating. London offers training for all levels, from beginners to professional Boxing, along with well-equipped gyms. Boxing is physically and mentally beneficial. One can even arrange own boxing equipment for a Boxing workout by clicking here. You do not need to be a seasoned professional to enjoy the amazing outcome of Boxing clubs.

Boxing Gyms are spread across London, and you can select any nearby boxing gym at your convenience. Our experts have worked on the best boxing combat sports gear in the UK along with the best Boxing gyms out there. So to start your boxing journey with confidence, check out our enlisted best boxing gyms in London.  

North London Boxing Clubs

An experienced fighter founded North London Boxing Club turned trainer, who trained people for World championships. With 90-minutes classes, they will knock you out, as classes start with circuit training, which includes sparring, shadow boxing, skipping along with punching bag drills, and cardio blast. 

It is situated just above south gate tube, and comes with various like, 

  • White Collar
  • One two one personal training
  • 90-minute group workout
  • Junior Boxing

To know more about memberships and special offered packages, visit their website

North London Boxing Club

The Ring Boxing Club

The Ring Boxing Club is an old boxing clubs that opened in 1910 originated in a building of chappal. It was reincarnated in 2003 with a new state to host white-collar bouts, a venue for film shoots and private functions. Participations are open with rigorous assessment and three months intense training regime before fighting. Gym classes include:

  • Old School Boxing Circuits
  • Berserker
  • Berserker Virtual HIIT Classes
  • Sparring

Moreover, learning of ring walk, entrance music, robotic lights accompanying a well-lubricated crowd. Membership varies based on tenure, along with amazing offers.

Ring Club

Miguel’s Boxing Gym

Miguel’s Boxing gym is located beneath the railway arches on tine Hardees street, a 10 minutes’ walk from Brixton Tube. This Gym honestly represents their business, and to find it is half the battle. It consists of four large rooms spread over two floors, while weights are downstairs and numerous punch bags and training rings are upstairs. 

White Collar Boxing runs from 7-9 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Much considerable to welcome amateurs who want to work out with following gym classes.

  • Gym Training
  • White Collar Boxing
  • Beat Obesity Boxing (BOB)
  • Kids Boxing, Women Boxing
  • Over 60s Boxing along with fitness class
  • HIIT circuit workout
  • Muay Thai/K1Classes
  • Beginners Classes along with Miguel’s regular courses.

These classes are half technique sharpener along with half endurance test with the more tailored workout. In addition, they provide one-on-one personal training workout programs with weight management and nutritional guidance system; to know more, click here.

Miguel's Boxing Gym

12 Round Boxing Gym

We found it such an elegant place as it comes with the sport’s renaissance, at the location of Clapham Junction. The basic motive is the fun aspect of fitness; therefore, they even provide childcare for the fitness freak parents. 12 Rounds Boxing gym offers both physical and mental benefits with the boxing entire programs and most advanced classes that include: 

  • Boxing Fundamentals is a 12-session program for beginners.
  • Fight Skool, a 12-week course to prepare for a white-collar fight.
  • Kids Boxing
  • Bag Attack, Pad attack
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Contenders Classes
  • Challenger Classes
  • Kick Boxing
  • Skill Skool, HIIT
  • Box Sanity

They come with four levels of experiences Boxing Fundamentals, Contenders, Skill Skool, and Warzone. To know more about training programs and memberships, visit the given link

Boxing Gym Rounds

The Fitzroy Lodge

The Fitzroy Lodge is one of the oldest boxing clubs in London, situated beneath railway arches. This renowned boxing club encourages athletics, sports, and physical recreation for deprived communities. Although ancient, it is well equipped, with two rings including twenty assorted punch bags, cross trainers, stationary bikes, running and rowing machines, and Sauna. Moreover, it focuses on the training of competitive Boxing for both amateur and professional. This boxing club is run by volunteers and supported by grants, donations, and member subscriptions. 

This boxing club includes gym classes like Keep Fit, Personal Training, KO Circuit intensive Training, along Junior/Senior Boxing Training. To know more about membership and benefits, visit their website.

The Fitzroy Lodge

Legends Boxing Gym

We are well aware that East and South East London are far ahead in terms of boxing gyms compared to the West. However, to bring lifestyle and fitness altogether, Legends has brought Boxing to Richmond since 2010. Legends Boxing Gym is an old school around the Richmond area of West London, so to work out and lace up your gloves and take a start from it. It offers two evening boxing workouts on Fridays while personal Boxing coaching daily. Free training is available for those who want to perform in Gym’s white-collar shows. While Children’s boxing classes are on Monday and Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. Legends are the places for various courses like:

  • Boxing and Fitness
  • Kids Boxing & Teenage Boxing
  • Personal Training
  • Sunday Sessions

For further details about classes, timings, offers, and membership, visit here.

Legends Boxing Gym

BXR London

BXR London is way elegant than basic boxing gyms as it is Capital’s first luxury Boxing Gym. It comes with state-of-the-art facilities, a well-equipped changing room, Suanna, a steam room, and a lounge area with a complete café. As a result, it feels like a luxury hotel or a gentleman club, even Victoria’s Secret’s models as members. 

BXR is accomplished with a multidisciplinary team of world-leading experts and a highly-professional floor set. They work on art and training like a champion, which means you have fun while doing it and make yourself fit in. It looks like an art gallery, in fact, a place worth million dollars. It includes various classes like:

  • Boxing and Kickboxing skills
  • Cardio conditioning
  • Strength
  • Climb to the beat
  • Yoga
  • Sweatbox

BXR London

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