Best Boxing Boots for Wide Feet (Boxer Shoes)

What distinguishes good boxers from average ones? A good boxer has clean, smooth and fast footwork. They have controlled decision-making powers and know how to counter their opponent’s attacks with agility and quick reflexes. To have good footwork, one has to practice, practice, practice. Another factor that helps is having a stable and firm grip on the ground: for this, why not help yourself to some boxing shoes? Today, we’re checking out Starpro Combat’s offering.

Material: Outer synthetic, inner mesh, rubber sole

Size: All sizes from (3-13)UK

Colour: Black and Red

Price: £39.99

 Why Starpro Boxing shoes?

The Starpro superior boxing boots are on a level of their own: the rubber sole, the close fit, firm grip, and top of the line ventilation technology all come together to allow for a cohesive footwork experience. Starpro boxing shoes have proved to challenge even the best of boxing shoes out there in terms of quality and performance. If you wish to choose a good, affordable and attractive pair of boxing shoes, then Starpro Superior Boxing Boots are the perfect fit.

Boxing Shoes

What are the best boxing boots?

Title Predators, Reebok, Asics and Adidas have dominated the industry for a while with their seemingly robust, impenetrable shoes. What you need in a boxing shoe is a resistance to friction and training. While Starpro’s brand may not be as famous, we would say that they offer the same level of quality with their shoes, with way more bang for your buck. What makes Starpro Superior boxing boots better than the others is their ability to act as an extension of the leg. They help stabilise your stance and give you double the grip on the ground, all with great ventilation capabilities adding to the experience.

Comfort and Durability

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon the Starpro Superior boxing shoes have not compromised on durability and comfort. Just as good on the inside as they are outside, these boots have a synthetic outer layer that prevents wear and tear, as well as a mesh inner covering for flexibility and moisture control. The flexible inner covering gives breathing room for your feet, while a proper ventilation system has also been installed in the shoes to prevent your feet from heating up.

The rubber sole on these increases the friction level of the shoes with the ground, allowing you to have a firm, strong stance that prevents you from slipping and falling during heavy combat in the ring.

The right choice

The Starpro Superior Boxing boots cover all your bases, and we would say they’re a firm favourite. Starpro have undoubtedly brought their ace card with the introduction of the Superior boots: their ratings on amazon as well as their reviews can attest to this.  

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