Best boxing boots for training

A solid pair of boxing boots is the cornerstone of every boxing training program. Shoes designed exclusively for boxing will make your workouts and training far more beneficial and exciting, regardless of your level of expertise. Regular trainers and sports shoes cannot provide superb ankle support whilst freeing your feet for smooth movement in the ring, as can the best boxing shoes. Starpro combat is the latest sports brand to go into the boxing market. The best boxing shoes boasts a classic silhouette and is said to be an extremely comfortable wear. Low top boxing boots are designed for speed boxers and Mayweather wear. High top boxing boots designed for canelo wear. There are several types of best boxing boots to choose from, and we’re here to assist you in finding the best boots for your needs.

Features to consider whilst buying boxing boots

High or Low Tops:

Although High Tops are considered the “classic” boxing shoe, Low Tops are also quite popular. Choose High Top boxing shoes if you know you’ll need more ankle support or if you intend to compete. Choose an excellent Low Top boxing shoe if you are a novice who plans to undertake largely sparring, shadow boxing, and heavy bag exercises with the odd fight.

Wrestling V Boxing Shoes:

When looking for boxing shoes, you’ll notice that many wrestling shoes are also targeted to boxers. They have a lot in common in terms of look, but there are a few important differences. Rubber soles wrap around the sides of the foot in wrestling shoes, giving grip on the mat from a variety of positions. A boxing shoe with a firmer sole and less tread allows your feet to slide easily on the canvas.

Ankle Support:

The uppers of boxing shoes wrap around the ankle and the laces run high up the foot. If you plan on fighting at any time, ankle support is critical, and high tops are the way to go.

Upper Material:

 Boxing shoes’ uppers are often made of a combination of leather, suede, and synthetic materials. The majority of high-end boxing shoes are comprised of a combination of leather and synthetic nylon. Nylon is lightweight and breathable, while leather provides comfort and support.

Sole Material:

The soles of boxing shoes are generally constructed of rubber or leather. Leather soles give for the greatest footwork in the ring, but they provide less grip. Rubber soles are becoming increasingly popular since they are lightweight and provide better traction. The soles of great boxing shoes give a strong grip while without impeding your footwork.


The majority of boxing shoes are designed to fit like any other sports shoe. With a few exceptions, they are only available in full sizes. Some boxing shoes are also a little narrow, so read the sizing information well before purchase. If you’re a female boxer, consider getting a size smaller than the Men’s.

Our Pick

We’ve given you a brief rundown on what features to consider when choosing the best boxing boots and now we’ll throw one of our recommendations your way, these might just be what you’ve been looking for?

Starpros Superior Boxing Shoes

Sizing: 36 through 48

Colors: Black/Red, White

These Starpro boxing boots feature the ideal blend of agility, balance, and traction, allowing you to feel one with the ground whilst unleashing explosive strikes, slipping and dancing around your opponent. Your feet stay cool and nimble during a bout in the ring and intensive training sessions thanks to an agile suede upper and a breathable Hydra-Flow mesh inner. Perhaps the best boxing boots for comfort and luxury! The lightweight design and unrestrictive fit, helps you to create your rhythm in the ring. With a front strap that maintains responsiveness in movement, these boots are designed to support and secure the ankle while maintaining flexibility in mobility. The flexible, robust, and gripping rubber sole gives you confidence in your footwork when you need to deliver those powerful blows, making them one of the best boxing boots on the market.

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