Beginner boxing techniques to learn at home

Boxing is a lot more than throwing punches and not just about attacking the opponent. It requires coordination, strength, endurance, proper footwork, well-driven boxing punches, and defense. However, everyone cannot go to the gym, but any beginner starts to perform boxing anywhere with essential equipment such as boxing gloves and a punching bag. 

Boxing is a great workout and, indeed, a challenging sport. It requires speed, agility, power, and fitness and trains your body and mind. With the correct type of workout and consistent practice, one can practice desired results during intense training drills. 

Basic boxing stance

In the beginning, a boxing stance to attack a defense quickly is essential. One must be able to jab, cross, hook and uppercut with the assistance of a solid stance. Practice orthodox or southpaw well to become an effective boxer. Whereas more advanced fighters will use various perspectives for progressive body movements and punching techniques.  

Boxing techniques at home

Boxing exercises at home simply making basic moves such as: 

  • Jumping rope is great for boxing with speed, concentration, and agility. One can start by jumping rope for a 2-minute warm-up or 5-10 minutes for an extra kick that brings cardiovascular endurance.
  • Shadowboxing drills do not need any boxing equipment, making this practice convenient. Typically, shadowboxing will help you practice perfect form, stance, and punches that you can apply later in different situations. One must start with a jab, cross drill, or practice your defense moves. Such moves include slipping, bending your knees with hands up, guarding your face, and moving your head aside.
  • Heavy bag drills come with power wearing boxing gloves and doing a simple exercise with quick jabs, resetting, and throwing more quick jabs.
  • Core work is about engaging your core when boxing. Boxers need to have a strong core, and they even can-do extra core like sit-ups, elbow plank, flutter kicks, etc.

Essential boxing tips for beginners

Throw light but sharp punches

Beginners should not hit the bag with full strength; they must focus on the knockout punch. One must use the body to throw the punch rather than using the strength of your arm and shoulder muscles. Try to strike bigger with a power punch with a relaxed body. You will lose the energy to train long if you punch at your maximum while wearing boxing gloves for kids. 

Start with a short punch combination.

A beginner does not do complex boxing combinations and adds more punches to your combos as they get better. 

Breathing technique

Exhale when you punch rather than hold it. The breathing method is crucial to have the energy for the whole workout. 

Harder workouts gradually 

As a beginner, one should start slowly and gradually to increase the endurance and length of training. Make your mind and body used to this workout, both mentally and physically. It will make you do a conditioning workout that is most important for cardio. 

Follow proper boxing stance

While practicing simply or hitting a boxing bag as a beginner while wearing boxing gloves for kids, always keep the proper boxing stance. Such a state will make you throw more powerful punches and support the defense that comes with stability, flexibility, balance, and mobility. 

Stay focused 

Do not lose your focus, as even a second will make you knockout. Imagine fighting with an opponent and concentrating as if it was a real fight, even while hitting a bag. 

Footwork drills

Correct footwork during boxing is essential for defensive and offensive drills. Moreover, it will help to land accurate punches by keeping a proper boxing stance. 

Essential boxing equipment for home 

To learn the basics of boxing, the beginner does not need any equipment. The best way is shadowboxing to learn footwork, proper stance, and powerful punches. Get used to martial arts while practicing various exercises to learn boxing techniques for beginners. One can develop punching power and practice at a speed and double end bag. Intensity drills will improve hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and offensive and defensive skills. 

Always wear boxing gloves

Hands are the most crucial thing while practicing combat sports but are most vulnerable and fragile. As your hands have small bones and joints, always use boxing gloves and wraps to prevent injuries. It is essential to protect your hands while practicing boxing, especially as a beginner. 

Concluded note

It is not always convenient to get into the gym for various reasons, but you can enjoy a fantastic workout at home with the bare minimum or essential equipment. One can take their boxing training to the next level through some boxing workouts, and there are a lot of at-home boxing workouts and equipment. Check out Starpro combat for quality boxing gear, including boxing gloves and boxing gloves for kids, to help you train at your convenience and reach your fitness goals.

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