What is White Collar Boxing? 

White Collar Boxing

The White-Collar Boxing sport is quite popular nowadays as it is pretty different and intended to be fun. Two individuals with white-collar jobs wearing Boxing Gloves with no boxing experience train to fight special events. After the rise of YouTube, Boxing variation in Boxing is appreciating with enhanced viewership. Boxing is practiced for an audience … Read more

How many points is a knockdown in Boxing: Boxing Matches Scores 

How many points is a knockdown in Boxing

Boxing has become a huge public event, as some of the biggest fights come with millions on pay per view. Professional Boxing is quite spectacular dramatic and comes with brutal knockouts. People usually prefer an organized bout in which battle is ended through a knockdown in Boxing, and if the no clear winner, the Decision … Read more

7 Boxing counter punching techniques for fighters

Boxing counter punching technique

While practicing boxing, boxers learn to perfect their punches, punching combinations, and defense by Boxing Counter Punching. Unfortunately, many learners who are beginning to spar cannot create openings in the ring. Because hitting a live opponent is different from hitting a heavy bag or focus mitts. Therefore, there are only two choices for boxers being … Read more

A Complete Guide to Parrying Punches technique in Boxing

Parrying punches technique

Parrying Punches Technique is to deflect your opponent’s attacks in another direction. A boxing defense movement to deflect a thrusting attack from your opponent. You will learn to keep yourself from a massive blow and deflect that incoming punch through this technique. Here is an ultimate Boxing Guide to parrying punches.  How to Parry Punches … Read more