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Anyone interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sport, a practitioner of BJJ, will already be familiar with BJJ Gi. Many standard techniques rely on the Gi as it offers several ways to attack the opponent. However, if anyone is new to this sport and needs to learn more about the related equipment of BJJ, we are here to enlighten you. 

A Gi is derived from the Japanese word “Keikogi,” which translates to “practice clothes” that must be heavily stitched that combatant wear when they train and compete. It has a rich origin of 100 years, so there are different colors, brands, and qualities, but in the end, they all wear the same uniform. 

BJJ Gi, as the name depicts, refers to the heavy-duty, comfortable uniform, especially designed for BJJ practitioners to prepare them for professional matches. No one can be allowed to participate in or train in this sport without wearing this attire. 

History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 

The history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu goes back to Brazil and is practiced in the 90s. Initially, there was no specific uniform requirement to practice; this concept of wearing a uniform originated in Japan. Typically, the Gis are thick and heavy to ensure durability, and it has a rich origin of 100 years, relatively unchanged from that time. 

Importance of wearing Gi

During practice sessions or professional fights, wearing a proper Gi is essential for many reasons. Each fighting discipline has different types of Gis requirements, and we must respect all those traditional rules regarding combat sports. 

  • Wearing of Gi reminds the practitioner to differentiate the place of practice and living or working. Where realities and worries of the world do not exist, one can focus on training’s physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  • By wearing a uniform, we can figure out the practitioner’s rank with a sensible training progression. Uniforms enable individuals to know their position and what they need to achieve more.
  • If the practitioner values their Gi, they will feel more committed to the sport where they will belong for their life.
  • A Gi is comfortable, durable, practical, and fit for purpose. Comfort during wearing BJJ Gi will allow any practitioner to deal with intense training sessions and achieve more remarkable ability.
  • The Gi will help to gain the integrity of art by showing knowledge and respect for history, culture, and origin.


StarPro combat carefully crafts BJJ uniforms for the fighters who demand the absolute best quality and value that will make them dominate with confidence. They offer premium quality wide, range BJJ uniforms for kids and adults along with uniforms for Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo. Check the details about Ronin BJJ Gi, Evolve BJJ Gi, and Evolve kids BJJ Gi.  

In addition, we will guide you to find the Gi size that best fits you. That’s why we put together BJJ Gi size guides to make it easier to decide your uniform according to your size. Whether buying your first Gi or your 10th Gi, finding the right size for your body is essential to avoid any oversized or undersized Gi issues. As if the size is causing trouble, Gi deprives training needs. 

Generally, size charts rely on height and weight to choose the right Gi for your body type. Different brands carry different size charts, so compare all these size charts before you purchase your desired Gi. 

StarPro combat considers the shrinkage when manufacturing their Gis. They consider various factors that contribute to material shrinkage and use pre-shrunk fabric to have minimal shrinkage to none. 

Ronin Adults BJJ Gi (Men and women Jiu Jitsu Gi)

  • A significant part of Martial arts training
  • Symbolic representation of ethical codes of respect
  • Ensures safety along with honor and discipline
  • Ideal fitting
  • Specific style
  • Functional design to enhance performance
  • Comfort and reliability
  • Direct embroidery StarPro label on jacket and pants
  • Pre-shrunk and easy to care
  • Comes without belts
  • Available in various colors and a variety of sizes

size chart

Evolve Adults BJJ Gi (Men and Women Jiu Jitsu Gi)

  • Special reinforcements
  • Does not include a white belt
  • Tested and approved by world-renowned organizations
  • Maximum sturdiness and comfort
  • High-quality, long-lasting, and tear-resistant Gi
  • Durable jackets and pants
  • Executing powerful grapples and submissions
  • Multiple sizes and colors to offer the best pick for everyone

size chart

Evolve kids BJJ Gi (Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi)

  • Move freely for executing any move
  • Fit comfortably with a belt to a snug fit
  • Reinforced stitching for reliability
  • Key areas come with sturdiness with a minimalist StarPro label on the pants and jacket
  • Value on money
  • Available in multiple color options offering the best variety
  • Fit for all Jiu-Jitsu kids

kids size chart

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