Adam Azim vs Rylan Charlton – Boxing Schedule

Adam Azim was born on July 2002, so he is 20 years now; however, a well-recognized boxer, sportsperson, and media and social media figure. He belongs to Berkshire, United Kingdom, has excellent gaming skills as of September 2022, and has won 6 matches. He is famous for his fast moves, as he has been learning boxing for the past four years, and we expect a lot more. 

Azim got worldwide attention in September 2022 after his latest match against Michel Cabral in Liverpool. He defended so well, and due to his speed and boxing tricks, he grabbed the attention of a lot of people. As of September, he has played matches against famous fighters, including Ed Harrison, Stu Greener, Jordan Ellison, Connor Marsden, Anthony Loffet, and Michel Cabral. 

Rylan Charlton had a powerful punch even in his early ages while fighting ‘Dead Arms Fights’ against the older ones while hitting him in the arm until they could not continue. He was nicknamed “Pint Size Powerhouse” due to his exciting and popular hitting in a six-round fight in Peterborough. He earned the reputation of hitting pretty hard, and even stopping him will make him hit harder. 

Adam Azim vs Rylan Charlton 

According to promoter Ben-Shalom, Azam Azim will test his razor-sharp skills in an explosive lightweight showdown with Rylan Charlton this summer. The 19-years old produced three successive stunning knockout victories with a professional record of 4-0. He recently blew away Connor Marsden at Wembley Arena in March. 

All the performances made Azim fast-tracked into title contention, and Charlton will provide the stiffest fighter’s career so far. Shalom told Sky Sports News, “It is tempting to fast-track him. He is a talented fighter; he’s almost struggling to spar with people at this stage. There isn’t any reason to hold him back. We are looking at the Rylan Charlton fight for him. That’s a good fight, a good step up for him at this stage.

Charlton’s most recent outing came in Boxer’s lightweight tournament in April, with the 29-year-old impressing fighter on his way to the final before a narrow point defeat to champion Dylan Cheema. There was also a thrilling clash with Florian Marku last year while knocking down the Albanian king before succumbing to a late stoppage.” Shalom added, “We will make an offer to Rylan again for the fight; he is an exciting fighter from the Boxxer series.” 

About Adam Azim, Shalom said, “Adam is coming out of Ramadan and then he’ll be ready to go. Most of his team have not seen anything like it before and we have seen so far that every time he’s stepped up, he’s dealt with it, and he’s only very early on his career. There are some big fights this year, and he’ll be moving very quickly into titles, probably by the end of the year.”

Super lightweight prospect Adam Azim will set up against Rylan Charlton on November 27 at Alexandra Palace. Initially, this bout will take place on November 26 and will feature the British title fight between cruiserweight Mikael Lawal and Deion Jumah. Azim boasts five knockout victories in six outings as a pro, whereas their last three ended in the first round. 

The expected day on November 27 looks like a ‘Super Sunday’ as some of the country’s brightest talent set to light up one of the iconic venues. And nations are anxiously waiting as Adam Azim takes on Rylan Charlton on an action-packed weekend of sport. 

Boxer usually comes with a festival feeling to the nation’s capital with a new boxing experience. Fight fans can look forward to the country’s best prospects and activities live exclusively in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on Sky Sports. 

Azim is one of the most exciting prospects in British Boxing today. He faces a tough test that will draw more attention to his ever-growing profile as he faces the experienced campaigner Charlton in the main event. 

Amir Khan, the world champion at 22, has predicted that 20-year Azim will beat his record and win the world title even earlier. He has set an incredible and challenging pace with four highlight-reels stoppage wins from four fights. 

Azim must get through talented rival Charlton, who recently won two fights in one night to come runner-up in the Lightweight tournament. This event will showcase the best talent in the country, and incredible Azam is on the fast track to face the most challenging test; if he succeeds, it will be his first headline fight. Everyone in the boxing realm sees him as a world champion in the future. Moreover, this fight would be a platform for him to lead his way in 2023. 

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