6 Boxing Basic Moves You Need to Know

The Boxing craze continues to grow with the essential need for boxing basic moves, as it is an exceptional entire body workout. Learning a few basic moves ensures your success in the ring with stance and breathing techniques. Many people rely on boxing to attain their fitness goals, including strength, speed, or stress reliever. We will guide you with the skills that include arm’s length punches and quick footwork that makes boxers deliver a blow before their opponent can respond. Six core boxing moves serve as a natural reliever that ensures you use the correct muscles groups and prevent injuries. Try to enhance your breathing techniques and stance and master the basic moves are given below:

 Breathing Technique

A proper breathing technique is essential and ensures the boxer maximizes the technique’s potential and has lasting effects on the boxer’s performance. 

To breathe correctly, inhale to prepare for a punch; on the other hand, exhale fast through your mouth with a closed jaw when you throw. Moreover, the breathing techniques will help you in timing and power both. 

Breathing Technique

Set Your Stance

Many subtle changes make it easier to have a stable fighting position, improving your boxing techniques. It is imperative to come back into the same stance so that your hands always protect your face. Commonly, you do not lose your balance if you react quickly, and a good stance allows you to throw a wide variety of punches. 

We must guide you here that primarily people with dominant leg are on the same side as their dominant hand. The moment you find your stance, you can have more power, mobility, and balance. However, everybody will have a different stance based on their structure, suitability, and basic guidelines. 

set your stance


The jab is a straight lead punch thrown directly from the non-dominant shoulder, a sharp, fast punch. 

  • Start with boxer stance while your hands are next to your nose, back heel lifted slightly off the floor, and fists closed with fingertips facing your chin.
  • Keep the hips in place when you are boxing straight with the lead hand. As you are ready to throw a punch, twist the knuckles with extended hands and fingertips face the floor.
  • Make sure that the rear hand is tight, tucked, and ready.
  • Immediately return the lead hand to a straight position.

 The jab is expressive enough as a fast ‘let go’ punch followed by harder, calculated punches. 



Typically, the Cross is a straight back boxing move thrown directly from the dominant shoulder and thrown correctly. When the punch is landed with accuracy, it causes a loud popping noise landing on your target with a release of tension and an increased surge of excitement. 

  • In a boxer stance with the weight in your front foot, with slightly bent knees. Keep the fists closed with fingertips facing your chin.
  • Punch the right hand straight forward, and fingertips face the floor with fully extended arms. You throw a punch, pivot on your back foot, and rotate your hips forward.
  • Immediately return the right hands and hips to the starting position.

Moreover, the Cross is an effective knockout blow used in many situations. 



The hook is an inside punch corresponding to foot pivot and rotation of the hips with a 90-degree bend in the elbow. How to throw a proper left hook: 

  • The most effective stance with your hands close to your nose and back heel lifted slightly off the floor with weight on your toes. Along with closed tight fists while fingertips are facing your chin.
  • Elbow bend to 90-degrees, punch with left hand and forearm completely out, ending on a shelf in line with your shoulders. At the same time, the knuckles stay up towards the sky, and fingertips face the floor. Your hand, feet, and hips move altogether, and your foot pivots slightly.
  • Stop the punch directly in front of your face and never twist past it.
  • Make sure to keep your backhand in a tight fist underneath your eye.
  • Return the hand, feet, and hips to the starting position.

The hook is one of the most effective punches in Boxing moves and sport. To check correct Boxing equipment, click here



The Uppercut is a close-range vertical power punch with a 90-degree bend in the elbow. It comes with a lower center of gravity, which is thrown up the midline of the target while using leg drive and sending power upward. A close-range move, landing a powerful punch underneath your opponent’s chin. 

  • Start it with your boxer stance like other punches but the hands next to your nose. The back heel is lifted slightly off the floor, and weight must be on the front foot with bend knees. Along with closed fists with your fingertips facing your chin.
  • Balance your back foot, turn your knee and hip forward, and right-hand swipes up from your hip towards the sky. Keep your elbow bend and fingertips facing you while ending the punch right under the opponent’s chin.
  • Keep the left hand in a tight fist, tucked and in the ready position.
  • Finally, return your right hand and hip to the starting position.

 Indeed, it is an uplifting punch with a deeper bend in the knees, and a large group of muscles is engaged for balance. 



The slip is a defensive head movement to get offline of the oncoming straight head punches. It will dodge your opponent to miss punches and make your body balance for a counter punch. 

  • Start in your boxing stance with fists up to guard while the opponent throws towards the right side, rotate your waist to the left, bend your knees, drop your left shoulder, and then crunch to the left to slip from the opponent’s shot.
  • Repeat on the right side of the other fighter throws the left.

It keeps the heart pumping and helps maintain athletic ability, allowing your body to balance while transferring power into your punches. 



The Roll is also a defensive movement to avoid the other fighter’s hooks by bending knees while shifting the weight from the lead side to the backside and vice versa. 

  • Start with your boxing stance as the opponent throws a hook.
  • Send your hips back and bend your knees like a squat, and eventually shift body weight from one leg to the other.

It feeds directly into the counter punch with a seamless feeling through balance, core activation, and leg drive, allowing the whole body to escape the punch. 


 A Concluded Note:

Boxing is not only a fantastic combat sport but an incredible way to get into shape. Make sure to learn the boxing basic moves to accomplish your boxing journey. Try to fulfill the task while using correct boxing equipment with Starpro Combat gear

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