5 Muay Thai Roundhouse kick mistakes: Perfect your kick

A roundhouse kick is a kick in which the practitioner raises the knee and turns the supporting foot and body in a round motion, extending the leg and hitting with the bottom part of the shin and/or the top of the foot (instep).

The roundhouse kick is the second most popular and second most significant kick in Muay Thai, behind the Teep.

Before we go over all the various roundhouse kick mistakes, it’s vital to understand why the roundhouse kick is more important in Muay Thai than in MMA or even kickboxing.

Not only are kicks and knee strikes scored higher in Muay Thai than punches, but they are also your most significant tools for landing a knockout. You might have problems knocking someone out with punches, but you won’t have any trouble knocking them out with precise head kicks. Let’s get started on perfecting your Roundhouse kick.

Mistakes while performing a Muay Thai Roundhouse kick

Using the foot to hit rather than the shin

Majority of practitioners attempt to perform roundhouse kicks with their feet. Although both the foot and the shins are utilized while kicking, the foot is often used for snap kicks such as those performed in Taekwondo. The roundhouse kick is a Muay Thai styles kick that stresses the use of the shins. While kicking with the shins reduces range, it is still necessary to use combos and set up your opponent. While you’re going for the head, you can use your foot, but to strike other sections of your opponent’s body, such as the legs and torso, you’ll need to use your shins. However, you must bear in mind that to do the damage and not injure yourself in the process, you must have very well-conditioned shins.

Using The foot to hit

Not utilizing arms

You may be kicking with your legs, but your arms play a key part in it as well. To improve the strength of your kicks, execute a scissor motion with your arm by swinging it in the opposite direction of the kick. If your opponent delivers attacks during the execution of your kick, you can also use your arms to block or defend.

Not Utilizing Arms

Not properly rotating the hips

This is one of the most typical roundhouse kick errors made by newbies. The rotation of the hips provides the majority of the power. If you don’t rotate your hips, your shin will rise instead of landing in the right position on the target. Furthermore, because your leg will not travel very rapidly owing to a lack of hip rotations, it is quite likely to be intercepts by your opponent. As a result, you must twist your hip appropriately while striking. If your kick misses the target, rotating your hip will also assist you in returning to your original fighting posture.

Rotating the Hips

 Not utilizing combos to deliver kicks

The Roundhouse kick is executed by striking the target with your rear leg in a fighting stance, which is quite far from an opponent. As a result, it must travel a longer distance to strike which allows your opponent ample time to dodge, block, or counterattack. Hence, you shouldn’t just hit with a single kick, mixing, and combining your kicks with punches has a good chance of catching your opponent off guard. A roundhouse kick is best executes by striking first with a jab, then a cross, hook, and finally the kick. A jab, hook, and kick combo are also effective. But keep in mind that you should not hit with just a single kick.

Combos to deliver kick

Kicking from the standing position

Mistakes made in roundhouse kicks can often be the most damaging. Many practitioners attempt to hit the roundhouse kick from their current position. Instead, one should get closer to the opponent by stepping a short distance by 45 degrees and then executing their kicks. This will ensure striking vulnerable soft spots in the opponent’s body, such as the hamstrings, liver, or calf, rather than the shin or knee, which may inflict significant injury to the practitioner. Don’t forget to stay alert and cautious whilst in the opponent’s range as that’s when you’re most vulnerable to strikes and hits.

Kick from Standing Position


There we have it. The 5 mistakes whilst executing Muay Thai Roundhouse kicks and how to perfect them. Don’t forget to get your gear, here.

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