5 Insane Heavy Bag Workouts for Boxing and MMA

Heavy bag workouts work on power, speed, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, endurance, weight loss and muscle gains altogether. Punching bag comes with unmatched benefits, and training is all about intensity. Workouts vary the exercises, but heavy bag workouts are extreme and will test you. Therefore, it always helps you build endurance, improve form, techniques and all over ability. Heavy bag workouts are not for weak or who sweat like crazy, as these workouts bring out champions in you. 

The heavy bag practice is indeed a good opportunity to increase your skill level. However, always remember that boxing MMA comes with top-notch conditioning, so put your full efforts here. Heavy bag workouts are for all; whether you are an amateur, pro fighter, or just trying to build muscles or lose weight, we will guide you to enjoy all the sessions. 

Heavy Bag Workout Equipment Guide

We must remember that intensity is all about this game so invest in proactive equipment while training. 

Heavy Bag Workout Equipment

Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves: They deliver a punch with power and intensity and protect hands from hurt. 

Heavy Bag MMA Gloves: A pair of gloves with lightweight protects your hands from the impact of punching the bag. 

Training Bag: Try to get a good quality bag that will help you go through a killer workout and test your boxing abilities. To work on focus, accuracy, speed and coordination, try to get a top durable punching bag. You can check out our recommended bag by clicking here.

Boxing Heavy Bag Workout Drills

If you want to improve your punches in every aspect, focus on specific drills with certain improvements. We will guide you about workout drills and make the most out of your training. 

Boxing Drills

The Power Puncher: 

(6 rounds, 3 minutes, 1-minute rest)

A Punching Power Heavy bag drill comes with a combo of increasing punching power and punching harder. This drill focuses on punch power and lets your frustration out by throwing a proper punch. 

In each round, you focus on delivering a single powerful blow, focusing on ONE punch per round. Enhance punching power as each time; landing punch is harder than the last. Focus on hard punches that deliver power to the bag. Isolate each punch that should be perfect each time and throw as hard as you can every time compared to the last one. 

Focus on rotation and movement in power punches, knuckles positioning and figure out the angle that delivers the hardest blow. To deliver the hard blow while throwing punch, knuckles land on the angles precisely. By doing this drill continuously for a week, you will see a dramatic increase in power. 

The breakdown of each round is here: 

  • Round 1: Jab
  • Round 2: Cross, Straight, Right or Left.
  • Round 3: Left Hook
  • Round 4: Right Hook
  • Round 5: Left Uppercut
  • Round 6: Right Uppercut.

Power Puncher


  • Create more density into your punches and make them harder.
  • Make your throws with full power potential while improving the form of each punch.
  • Building necessary muscles, adapting power to throw a punch with full capacity.

The Flash

(5 rounds, 3 minutes, 1-minute break)

It is a combination of speed heavy bag drills to develop the necessary speed to deliver fast blows. Put all the punches together fast that knocks out. You have to land a punch fast enough, even faster than human reflex. Focus on pure speed and make the two punches sound like one. 

Breakdown of drill in mentioned here:

  • Round 1: Jab, Cross Combination.
  • Round 2: Straight Right, Left Hook.
  • Round 3: Jab, Right Hook.
  • Round 4: Uppercut, Opposing Hook Combination.
  • Round 5: Freestyle the combination.

Emphasize speed, the two punches that sound like one, throw a combination focus to make one punch. 


  • This drill helps to focus on two punch combinations and make you throw as fast as you can.
  • Throw your combos with speed with full potential and natural tendency.
  • Build fast-twitch muscles to throw fast combos to blind your opponent.

The Counter-Puncher

(5 Rounds, 3 Minutes,1-Minute Break)

A defence heavy bag drill, typically a counterpuncher drill that you not get caught after throwing it. Nevertheless, making your opponent miss and then making them pay for the attack is a defensive move followed by a single punch or combo. 

Always follow these steps for each strike attempt:

  • Defensive Move: Duck, Dodge, Parry, Shoulder roll, etc.
  • Strike 1 to 4 punch combination.
  • Defensive Move: duck, dodge, parry, shoulder roll, etc.


  • Excellent conditioning workout to train and improve your skill level.
  • Rewire your brain on fight mode.
  • Drill techniques with defence.

The Marathon Man

(3 Rounds, 1,000 Punches per round, break as needed)

It is a Stamina Heavy Bag Drill, an excellent workout and tests your will. In this drill, you hit a bag nonstop with straight punches. In every ten to twenty punches, you throw a couple of hard hooks and uppercuts. The way you are not expending a lot of energy, but still, energy in motion makes it a genius workout. 

The Master and the Mauler 

(3 rounds, 3 minutes, 1-minute break)

Typically, the everything heavy bag drill get you in a fighting shape. We will guide you through some of the rules of this drill. 

  • Each set of combinations of a minimum of 3 punches.
  • Do not let 3 seconds go without throwing a punch combination.
  • Move head after each combination.
  • Throw each punch fast and hard every time.

An intense boxing workout helps you prepare for an intense fight—a nonstop exchange of punches, smooth movement and potential fighting. 

Heavy Bag Workout Drills for MMA fighters

Working on punches is not enough for MMA fighters, as punching is just part of the game. Therefore, we will provide you with some of the Heavy Bag drills of MMA fighters. 

Heavy bag Workout Drills

Sprawl and Brawl

(5 minutes, 3 rounds, 1 minute’s break)

Takedown defence heavy bag drill, wire you to keep the wrestler off. It gives a feel to your opponent that you are a better striker, and they look for a takedown. 

The breakdown of this drill is: 

Throw a minimum of two or three punches followed by sprawl and then uppercut, Elbow or knee. Make sure that back up with a strike and capitalize the vulnerability with efficiency. It’s exhausting but keep on practicing it to get perfection. 

The set-up 

Typically, an excellent finding is the knockout heavy bag drill to set up shots properly. It is all about setting up those strikes that your opponent can not see, so it is all about throwing a good strike. It includes the two quickest strikes, which are the low kick and the jab. 

Breakdown of shots you will be setting up:

  • Jab, Hook
  • Jab, Elbow
  • Jab, Head Kick
  • Jab, Body Kick
  • Jab, Low Kick, Head Kick
  • Jab, Spin Fist
  • Jab, Spin Kick

Jab is the most underrated punch in MMA and not much in use so take advantage of this thing. 

The next part is a low kick with the opportunity of striking high. This drill will help your body to execute flawlessly and put the opponent in defensive mode. Here is a breakdown: 

  • Low kick, Straight Right.
  • Low kick, Hook
  • Low kick, Elbow
  • Low kick, Body kick
  • Low kick, High kick
  • Low kick, Spin kick
  • Low kick, Low kick, Spin kick.

The Power Kicker

(6 Rounds, 3 Minutes, 1-minute break)

Power Kicks Heavy Bag Drill with a focus on absolute power in your kicks. There is absolute power in your kicks by training your body accordingly. Focus on power and perfection and throw one kick per round. 

The breakdown is here:

  • Round 1: Left Body Kick
  • Round 2: Right Body Kick
  • Round 3: Left Low Kick
  • Round 4: Right Low Kick
  • Round 5: Left Head Kick
  • Round 6: Right Head Kick

Power Kicker

The Angles of Death

(3 Rounds, 3 Minutes, 1-minute breaks) 

A Muay Thai Clinch Heavy bag drill hits your opponent with elbows and knees on the inside. A simple drill by throwing power in a clinch. Focus on snapping your kicks and elbows will help you to improve and get comfortable with this drill. 

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