180 Martial Arts – How to choose the right one

You may want to know which martial arts is right for you after deciding to become a martial artist and enjoying the benefits of this art. Make sure you make intelligent decisions before moving on. Choosing the right style is always important as it depends on your goals of being a martial artist. Any combat style with enriched history can help any individual to grow with good manners and exceptional fighting skills.

While choosing a martial art, one must know that every style is essential and no class is just perfect as others. Choosing the right kind of such art depends on personal preferences and demands. However, one can select some of them that they consider best for self-defense. 

Whatever the purpose of training, whether recreational or seeking a professional career, learning martial arts will make you deal with physical and mental illness. The requirements for becoming a martial artist are the same: dedication, sacrifice, and commitment.  

The learning processes

Initially, whether the practitioner will decide to leave the training or stay with it for the rest of her life needs to be clarified. Martial arts training could be advantageous and affect your fitness and overall well-being. One must be clear about whether their choice is suitable for defense, getting fit, or cleansing the mind. Whether you want to learn some specific style or pursue it professionally, all these things will help you make the right choice. It is imperative to sit and think about it and choose a purpose. 

In different types of martial arts, one has to choose between

Regardless of any style and techniques, remember that martial art does not recognize any age and social differences. First, one must choose between traditional martial arts or some other arts divided by emphasis. 

One must understand that Mixed Martial Arts is a fighting skill set or sport and the concept of self-defense behind it. Learned skills can help you in different types of real-life combat situations. All styles are the same for a beginner, but intricate knowledge can set them apart from one another. 

Almost 180 martial arts types worldwide, consisting of thousands of fighting styles, techniques, and forms. Most renowned styles originated from Asia, but some are from other parts of the world. Choose one that matches your preferences and get prepared to experience many physical and mental benefits.


Judo is a modern Japanese martial art developed by a student of Jiu-Jitsu. It is a fighting style that allows one to subdue an enemy without using deadly techniques. It focuses on grappling techniques while immobilizing the opponent while causing them grievous injuries. 

Fundamental techniques in Judo are throwing, grappling, and striking. Practitioners practice break falls to avoid injury during training. Many of the martial arts are Judo’s derivations, including Krav Maga, sambo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Additionally, numerous mixed martial arts adopt grappling techniques from Judo.


One of the most popular martial arts originated in Japan and is best rooted in self-defense. This art contains many styles and forms, focusing on striking techniques using punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Karate is a way of life beyond fighting and teaches discipline and respect despite skills. 

There are various forms and styles of Karate, and the practitioners focus on using all limbs as weapons to strike, footwork, and fighting from both stances. One can train well in keeping range and attack in blitz while striking with high accuracy. Due to all these things, Karate practitioners are masters moving in to land a strike and move out without being hit back. 

Being the most popular of all rounds, one can easily find a dojo to train in, which is even great. Consequently, Karate is a great exercise that keeps someone solid and healthy. It comes with a well-balanced style that does not include a high risk of injuries while teaching incredible fighting skills. 


Jiu-Jitsu is a worldwide famous Japanese martial art branch of self-defense with both armed and unarmed combat systems. It provides elements of other martial arts, including Judo, Aikido, BJJ, and mixed martial arts. However, a self-defense system is as much as an attacking one. It combines punches, kicks, throws, joints, and locks to subdue your attacker. 


Taekwondo is a famous martial art from South Korea with its fighting systems. It focuses on fast and hard kicks, along with profound self-defense techniques. Practitioners learn to use punches, spices, and basic throws well and are now best for competitions. 

Taekwondo makes the practitioner learn to execute various jumping and spinning kicks. In addition, many cardio workouts and exercises will improve your upper and lower body strength. Much stretching will make it flexible, allowing you to throw fast kicks from impossible angles while keeping muscles healthy and improving balance. 


A unique fighting system where the combatants could defend themselves while preventing injury. It involves joint lock and throw techniques that enable practitioners to subdue their attackers while redirecting them. 

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