11 Best YouTube Channels to follow for the best workout videos

In this post-pandemic era, everybody wants to stay fit and healthy. Working out at the gym is risky after the outbreak of COVID-pandemic. Moreover, it could be inconvenient and expensive. Here we will guide you about the best YouTube Fitness channels to get off the couch and start exercising. If you are planning to get in shape and get into excellent and highly effective workouts, YouTube is a valuable Video platform that comes with thousands of exercise videos. Research to follow fitness experts to get proper and safe workout advice and best workout videos. We will review and pick our free YouTube fitness channels that cover various exercises to get into the exercise groove. 

 Best Workout YouTube Channels


If anyone wants to get in shape quickly, you can tune in to this one of the largest female-focused online fitness empires, Blogilates. This YouTube channel, led by certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho, is known for her infectious personality and crazy pilates-style moves. Pop Pilates accompany pop music and various movements to create danceable practice. Usually, all videos are only 5 minutes long, which makes them an ideal choice. Many videos are available, from single song challenges to 20 plus minutes workouts. Besides an optional yoga mat, no video requires any Boxing equipment or Boxing Gloves, although it is a total body workout for a challenge. Ho preaches body positivity and fearless posting videos detailing her struggle with self-image in these videos. 

 Tone It Up

This YouTube channel is famous for its bikini-body physiques and upbeat personality. The founders of this channel are Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, who have built a fitness empire with their workout method and named the channel Tone it Up. Furthermore, you will even learn about healthy eating tips with a pleasant bonus of excellent beach views and sea waves. The total focus of the workout is on toning and sculpting the body using lightweights and resistance bands to get the work done. 

 POP SUGAR Fitness

POPULAR Fitness is a popular entertainment and media company that focuses on the most buzzworthy workouts of today’s life. It includes Hip-hop dance classes to high-intensity interval training along with an endless variety of best workout videos and fitness classes.Furthermore this YouTube channel offers favourite workouts, including the POPSUGAR Tabata workouts with no cardio sessions. 

 Yoga with Adriene  

Videos by Adrienne Mishler allow you to practice yoga in the comfort zone of your living room. We must mention that Adriene is an international Yoga teacher and has a very calming energy. There is a tremendous variety of yoga classes in her videos that range from vinyasa flow to meditation practice. She has amazing yoga content with nearly 8 million YouTube subscribers for her followers. Furthermore, with shorter, focused clips detailing and proper form of famous poses, safely use the basics of yoga. 

 Be Fit 

Be Fit provides most of its content via paid downloads, subscription services, and DVDs, but it is still an excellent source for free at-home workouts. Top fitness trainers like Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, and Scott Herman are arrangements. This channel is perfect for those who want to raise their heart rate quickly and with a handful of longer videos throughout the lineup with more time available. This channel is not explicitly for women but many workouts suitable for men looking for challenging exercises. 


Are you looking for a top-notch workout regime to turn things up? BodyBuilding.com is for serious athletes who want to improve their strength training. Moreover we suggest this YouTube channel feature with many hardcore workouts and expert tips by professional bodybuilders. 

 Fitness Blender 

Daniel and Kally come with the husband-and-wife duo, a couple’s goal, and shows the benefits of exercising together. Best workout videos are motivational, and by watching their videos, you can see how many calories you have burned so far. It is an ultimate YouTube channel resource for at-home fitness videos with almost 500 plus full-length practices. Although the videos are entirely free, they offer scheduled programs at significantly lower prices. 


Tiffany has been a YouTube fitness sensation as a trainer for years, and her classes are incredibly motivational. Her moves will feel the burn calories if you are looking for cardio, toning, or even stretching. She arranges such inspirational live-streaming classes for her followers. 

 Holly Dolce 

A fitness YouTuber is famous for her sculpted physique and amazingly washboard abs. Her workouts tend to be about 10-15 minutes long, including everything from toning to high-intensity interval training. Indoor walking workouts are there to keep you active while staying at home. 


This YouTube resource offers lovely online dance that everybody can easily do at home. Moreover, most of the videos are recordings of live fitness sessions. In his video tutorials, you practice how you dance moves together with other group members. 


Jessica Smith is a certified personal trainer showcasing her 15 years of experience in full-length videos in an organized fashion. Moreover It includes meditation and walking practices, and they divide the channel cleanly into 13 playlists that are well maintained. Her videos come with physical limitations with joint fragility or body changes. Most recommended for those who want to start their weight loss journey?

 A Concluded Note: 

If you want to get in shape, make sure to visit our recommended YouTube channels for a workout to achieve fitness goals. Moreover various fitness YouTubers match your personality or choose who motivates you to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle with best workout videos without any boxing equipment or Boxing Gloves

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